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2021Tunable dual-comb spectrometer for mid-infrared trace gas analysis from 3 to 4.7 µm
Nitzsche, Leonard; Goldschmidt, Jens; Kießling, Jens; Wolf, Sebastian; Kühnemann, Frank; Wöllenstein, Jürgen
Journal Article
2020Discrete dispersion scan setup for measuring few-cycle laser pulses in the mid-infrared
Geib, N.C.; Hollinger, R.; Haddad, E.; Herrmann, P.; Legare, F.; Pertsch, T.; Spielmann, C.; Zürch, M.; Eilenberger, F.
Journal Article
2019Solar autocalibrating XUV-IR spectrometer system (SOLACER) for the measurement of solar spectral irradiance
Schmidtke, Gerhard; Finsterle, Wolfgang; Ruymbeke, Michel van; Haberreiter, Margit; Schäfer, Robert; Zhu, Ping; Brunner, Raimund
Journal Article
2016Automated aberration correction of arbitrary laser modes in high numerical aperture systems
Hering, Julian; Waller, Erik H.; Freymann, Georg von
Journal Article
2015Characterization of Mo/Si mirror interface roughness for different Mo layer thickness using resonant diffuse EUV scattering
Haase, Anton; Soltwitsch, Victor; Scholze, Frank; Braun, Stefan
Conference Paper
2015Optical elements for EUV lithography and X-ray optics
Braun, Stefan; Leson, Andreas
Book Article
2014Evaluation of low energy electron beam dose application by means of a portable optical device
Reitzig, Manuela; Winkler, Martin; Härtling, Thomas; Röder, Olaf; Opitz, Jörg
Journal Article
2012Irradiance tailoring for extended sources using a point-source freeform design algorithm
Wester, R.; Bruneton, A.; Bäuerle, A.; Stollenwerk, J.; Loosen, P.
Conference Paper
1998Design and modeling of optical microsystems. An approach to a user friendly system integration technique
Krabe, D.; Dümcke, R.; Reichl, H.; Wächter, C.; Schreiber, P.; Karthe, W.; Elbers, J.P.; Glingener, C.; Voges, E.; Hagener, G.; Schröter, S.; Bartelt, H.; Stock, D.A.; Bauer, G.; Schäfer, W.; Sickinger, H.; Schwider, J.
Conference Paper
1995Degradation of optical components in laser machines for manufacturing
Kreutz, E.W.; Dahmen, M.; Haas, C.R.; Wesner, D.A.
Conference Paper
1992Key components based on InP for optical broadband communication. 2
Preier, H.; Doldissen, W.; Venghaus, H.
Journal Article
1987Dielectric guides in integrated optics
Nolting, H.-P.
Journal Article
1983Long time operation of the HHI service integrated optical broadband communications system-results and review
Kreutzer, H.W.; Saniter, J.
Conference Paper
1982Experimental results of the HHI broadband communications network
Hermes, T.; Hoen, B.; Kreutzer, H.W.; Schmidt, F.; Schmitt, H.P.; Settgast, H.H.; Volmary, C.; Werner, W.
Conference Paper
1978Problems arising in the development of optical communication systems
Haller, U.; Herold, W.; Ohnsorge, H.
Journal Article
1978The state of the art in optical fibre communication. I
Fussganger, K.; Matt, H.J.
Journal Article