Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
199640 Gbit/s demultiplexing experiment with 10 GHz all-optical clock recovery using a modelocked semiconductor laser
Ludwig, R.; Ehrhardt, A.; Pieper, W.; Jahn, E.; Agrawal, N.; Ehrke, H.-J.; Kuller, L.; Weber, H.G.
Journal Article
1993Polarization-independent Mach-Zehnder interferometer on III-V semiconductors
Venghaus, H.; Weinert, C.M.
Journal Article
1989Sensitivity degradation of conventional and balanced 3*3 port phase diversity DPSK receivers due to thermal and local oscillator intensity noise
Patzak, E.; Lancenhorst, R.
Journal Article
1989Submicron silicon bipolar master-slave D-type flip-flop for use ad 8.1 Gbit/s decision circuit and 11.2 Gbit/s demultiplexer
Runge, K.; Glimett, J.L.; Way, W.; Kipnis, I.; Snapp, C.; Clawin, D.; Cheung, N.K.
Journal Article
1988Application of nonlinear effects in semiconductor-laser optical amplifiers
Grosskopf, G.; Ludwig, R.; Weber, H.G.
Conference Paper
1986Integrated optical components on lithium niobate for optical communications
Heidrich, H.; Hoffmann, D.; Doldissen, W.
Conference Paper
1980Digital VHF-electronics for a broadband communication system
Meisenburg, R.; Radlbeck, W.
Conference Paper