Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Medical information-graphs, based on ontologies and FHIR
Kober, Gerhard; Paschke, Adrian
Conference Paper
2018Computing Best Ontology Excerpts via Weighted Partial Max-SAT Solving
Chen, Jieying; Ma, Yue; Walther, Dirk
Conference Paper
2018Computing Minimal Projection Modules for Conjunctive Queries
Chen, Jieying; Ludwig, Michel; Ma, Yue; Walther, Dirk
Conference Paper
2018Ontology-based representation for accessible OpenCourseWare systems
Elias, Mirette; Lohmann, Steffen; Auer, Soeren
Journal Article
2017Towards a Complex Interaction Scenario in Worker-cobot Reconfigurable Collaborative Manufacturing via Reactive Agent Ontology
Sadik, Ahmed R.; Urban, Bodo
Conference Paper
2016Facilitating information exchange in assembly assistance by recommending contextualized annotations
Alm, Rebekka; Urban, Bodo
Conference Paper
2016A terminology service supporting semantic annotation, integration, discovery and analysis of interdisciplinary research data
Karam, Naouel; Müller-Birn, Claudia; Gleisberg, Maren; Fichtmüller, David; Tolksdorf, Robert; Güntsch, Anton
Journal Article
2015AAL-Onto: A formal representation of RAALI integration profiles
Welge, Ralph; Busch, Björn-Helge; Kabitzsch, Klaus; Laurila-Dürsch, Janina; Heusinger, Stefan; Lipprandt, Myriam; Eichelberg , Marco; Eichenberg, Elke; Engelien, Heike; Gök, Murat; Moritz, Guido; Hein, Andreas; Dutz, Tim
Conference Paper
2015A demo for efficient human attention detection based on semantics and complex event processing
Xu, Y.; Stojanovic, L.; Stojanovic, N.; Schuchert, Tobias
Conference Paper
2015Towards integration and management of contextualized information in the manufacturing environment by digital annotations
Alm, Rebekka; Hadlak, Steffen
Conference Paper
2014Semantic matchmaking & mediation for sensors on the sensor web
Malewski, Christian; Bröring, Arne; Maué, Patrick; Janowicz, Krzysztof
Journal Article
20123D interaction in AAL environments based on ontologies
Marinc, Alexander; Stocklöw, Carsten; Tazari, Mohammad-Reza
Conference Paper
2012Browsing case-law: An application of the Carneades argumentation system
Ceci, Marcello; Gordon, Thomas F.
Conference Paper
2010Semantik-basierte, strategische Planung und Komposition intermodaler Seehafenhinterland-Transport-Services
Flach, Guntram; Ruth, Thomas; Hasberg, Dania; Jahn, Carlos
Conference Paper
2004Analysing associations of textual and relational data with a multiple views system
Seeling, C.; Becks, A.
Conference Paper
2004ECML/PKDD 2004 Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Ontologies
: Buitelaar, P.; Franke, J.; Grobelnik, M.; Paaß, G.; Svátek, V.
Conference Proceedings
2004SWAPit - a multiple views paradigm for exploring associations of texts and structured data
Becks, A.; Seeling, C.
Conference Paper