Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2012Enabling virtual assembly training in and beyond the automotive industry
Stork, André; Sevilmis, Neyir; Weber, Daniel; Gorecky, Dominic; Stahl, Christian; Loskyll, Matthias; Michel, Frank
Conference Paper
2011Augmented reality in skill training
Webel, Sabine
Conference Paper
2011Design guidelines for the development of virtual reality and augmented reality training systems for maintenance and assembly tasks
Gavish, Nirit; Seco, Teresa Gutierrez; Webel, Sabine; Rodríguez, Jorge; Tecchia, Franco
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2011Design recommendations for augmented reality based training of maintenance skills
Webel, Sabine; Bockholt, Ulrich; Engelke, Timo; Gavish, Nirit; Tecchia, Franco
Conference Paper
2009A training system for skills transfer involved in industrial maintenance and assembly tasks
Casado, Sara; Engelke, Timo; Gavish, Nirit; Gutiérrez, Teresa; Rodríguez, Jorge; Sánchez, Emilio José; Tecchia, Franco; Webel, Sabine
Conference Paper
2005Virtual learning world
Bhatti, N.; Hornung, C.
Conference Paper
1999Wearable computers and augmented reality in an industrial application
Alves dos Santos, L.M.
Conference Paper