Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Cordon Gris: Integrated solution for meal recommendations
Ribeiro, Jorge; Ribeiro, David; Schwarz, Ayla; Vasconcelos, Maria Joao M.; Gerardo, Filomena; Harten, Ciska van; Succu, Riccardo; Davison, Robbie; Oliveira, Tiago; Silva, Marlos; Ferreira, Tiago Miguel da Silva
Conference Paper
2014Aspects of Human-Centred Design in HCI with older adults: Experiences from the field
Barros, Ana Correia de; Rego, Silvia; Antunes, Joao
Conference Paper
2013Young practitioners' challenges, experience and strategies in usability testing with older adults
Barros, Ana Correia de; Leitão, Roxanne
Conference Paper
2012Design recommendations for tv user interfaces for older adults: Findings from the eCAALYX project
Nunes, Francisco; Kerwin, Maureen; Silva, Paula Alexandra
Conference Paper
2012Target and Spacing Sizes for Smartphone User Interfaces for Older Adults: Design Patterns Based On An Evaluation With Users
Leitao, Roxanne; Silva, Paula
Conference Paper
2011Analysis, Design and Evaluation of an Interactive System to Support Dementia Patients and Integrate Carers
Jordan, Philipp; Silva, Paula Alexandra
Conference Paper
2011Cross-platform social web application for older adults with HTML 5
Sousa, Tiago Boldt; Tenreiro, Pedro; Silva, Paula Alexandra; Nunes, Francisco; Rodrigues, Eduarda Mendes
Conference Paper