Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2011A novel mass sensitive sensor
Goehlich, A.; Jonville, C.; Klieber, R.; Mao, X.; Martens, K.; Jansen, T.; Trieu, H.-K.; Vogt, H.
Conference Paper
2008A non-linear multiple slip theory in continuum dislocation dynamics
Hochrainer, T.; Gumbsch, P.; Zaiser, M.
Conference Paper
2008Staging of the thinking space
Fleischmann, M.; Strauss, W.
Book Article
2004Phase-resolved second-harmonic imaging with nonideal laser sources
Fiebig, M.; Lottermoser, T.; Fröhlich, D.; Kallenbach, S.
Journal Article
2003A n-state time-domain measurement test-bench for characterization of intermodulation distortion on device level
Merkle, T.; Ramberger, S.; Kuri, M.; Raay, F. van
Conference Paper
2003Thermal and optical properties of high purity CVD-diamond discs doped with boron and nitrogen
Wörner, E.; Pleuler, E.; Wild, C.; Koidl, P.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2002Closed trajectories in planar relay feedback systems
Giannakopoulos, F.; Pliete, K.
Journal Article
2001Konzeption und prototypische Implementation einer Storyengine: Dynamisch-reaktives System zum Erzählen nichtlinear-interaktiver Geschichten bei größtmöglicher Spannung, gedanklicher Immersion, Identifikation und Motivation des Spielers
Grasbon, D.
: Braun, N. (Prüfer)
1999Application of the polyconjugated main chain polymer DPOP-PPV for ultrafast all-optical switching in a nonlinear directional coupler
Gabler, T.; Bräuer, A.; Hörhold, H.-H.; Pertsch, T.; Stockmann, R.
Journal Article
1991Investigations of the dynamic behaviour of compounds under preloading.
Geissler, A.; Schmitt, W.; Weber, H.
Conference Paper
1985On the resonant interaction of planetary waves in a two-layer model with extreme wave forcing. I. The shape of the amplitude
Peters, D.
Journal Article