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2019Augmenter of Liver Regeneration Reduces Ischemia Reperfusion Injury by Less Chemokine Expression, Gr-1 Infiltration and Oxidative Stress
Weiss, Thomas S.; Lupke, Madeleine; Dayoub, Rania; Geissler, Edward K.; Schlitt, Hans J.; Melter, Michael; Eggenhofer, Elke
Journal Article
2019Identification and prospective stability of electronic nose (eNose) - derived inflammatory phenotypes in patients with severe asthma
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Journal Article
2014A novel receptor cross-talk between the ATP receptor P2Y2 and formyl peptide receptors reactivates desensitized neutrophils to produce superoxide
Önnheim, Karin; Christenson, Karin; Gabl, Michael; Burbiel, Joachim C.; Müller, Christa E; Oprea, Tudor I.; Bylund, Johan; Dahlgren, Claes; Forsman, Huamei
Journal Article
2014Rapid and reliable determination of the halogenating peroxidase activity in blood samples
Flemmig, Jörg; Schwarz, Pauline; Bäcker, Ingo; Leichsenring, Anna; Lange, Franziska; Arnhold, Jürgen
Journal Article
2013Glutaminyl cyclases as novel targets for the treatment of septic arthritis
Hellvard, A.; Maresz, K.; Schilling, S.; Graubner, S.; Heiser, U.; Jonsson, R.; Cynis, H.; Demuth, H.-U.; Potempa, J.; Mydel, P.
Journal Article
2011TLR agonist mediated suppression of allergic responses is associated with increased innate inflammation in the airways
Düchs, M.J.; Hahn, C.; Benediktus, E.; Werner-Klein, M.; Braun, A.; Hoymann, H.G.; Gantner, F.; Erb, K.J.
Journal Article
2005Complement C3 is required for the progression of cutaneous lesions and neutrophil attraction in Leishmania major infection
Jacobs, T.; Andra, J.; Gaworski, I.; Graefe, S.; Mellenthin, K.; Kromer, M.; Halter, R.; Borlak, J.; Clos, J.
Journal Article
1995Kinetics of human neutrophil surface marker expression and chemotaxis during granulocyte colony-stimulating factor treatment
Roesler, J.; Elsner, J.; Link, H.; Freund, M.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.; Emmendörffer, A.; Spiekermann, K.; Welte, K.
Book Article
1994Altered surface marker expression and function of G-CSF-induced neutrophils from test subjects and patients under chemotherapy
Spiekermann, K.; Elsner, J.; Raeder, E.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.; Prahst, A.; Link, H.; Freund, M.; Welte, K.; Roesler, J.; Emmendörffer, A.
Journal Article
1994Changes in light-scatter profile, membrane depolarization and calcium mobilization of neutrophils induced by G-CSF in vivo
Spiekermann, K.; Emmendörffer, A.; Elsner, J.; Raeder, E.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.; Roesler, J.; Welte, K.
Journal Article
1993Abnormal regulation in the signal transduction in neutrophils from patients with severe congenital neutropenia - relation of impaired mobilization of cytosolic free calcium to altered chemotaxis, superoxide anion generation and F-actin content
Elsner, J.; Roesler, J.; Emmendörffer, A.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.; Welte, K.
Journal Article
1993The cytochrome b-558 molecules involved in the fibroblast and polymorphonuclear leucocyte superoxide-generating NADPH oxidase systems are structurally and genetically distinct
Meier, B.; Jesaitis, A.J.; Emmendörffer, A.; Roesler, J.; Quinn, M.T.
Journal Article
1993Flow cytometry reveals different lag times in rapid cytoplasmic calcium elevations in human neutrophils in response to N-formyl peptide
Elsner, J.; Norgauer, J.; Dobos, G.J.; Emmendörffer, A.; Schopf, E.; Kapp, A.; Roesler, J.
Journal Article
1993Production of oxygen radicals by fibroblasts and neutrophils from a patient with x-linked chronic granulomatous disease
Emmendörffer, A.; Roesler, J.; Elsner, J.; Raeder, E.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.; Meier, B.
Journal Article
1992Altered function and surface marker expression of neutrophils induced by rhg-CSF treatment in severe congenital neutropenia
Elsner, J.; Roesler, J.; Emmendörffer, A.; Zeidler, C.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.; Welte, K.
Journal Article
1992Heterogeneity in the mobilization of cytoplasmic calcium by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes in response to fMLP, C5a and IL-8/NAP-1
Elsner, J.; Kaever, V.; Emmendörffer, A.; Breidenbach, T.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.; Roesler, J.
Journal Article