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2011The diamond superconducting quantum interference device
Mandal, S.; Bautze, T.; Williams, O.A.; Naud, C.; Bustarret, E.; Omnes, F.; Rodiere, P.; Meunier, T.; Bäuerle, C.; Saminadayar, L.
Journal Article
2009Field emission properties of nano-structured phosphorus-doped diamond
Yamada, T.; Nebel, C.E.; Shikata, S.-i.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2006Advanced packaging materials for optical applications: Bridging the gap between nm-size structures and large-area panel processing
Houbertz, R.; Wolter, W.; Dannberg, P.; Serbin, J.; Uhlig, S.
Conference Paper
1993Investigation of fabrication parameters for the electron-beam induced deposition of contamination tips used in atomic force microscopy
Schiffmann, K.I.
Journal Article