Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Informing Piano Multi-Pitch Estimation with Inferred Local Polyphony Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Taenzer, Michael; Mimilakis, Stylianos I.; Abeßer, Jakob
Journal Article
2018Personalized Visual-Interactive Music Classification
Ritter, Christian; Altenhofen, Christian; Zeppelzauer, Matthias; Kuijper, Arjan; Schreck, Tobias; Bernard, Jürgen
Conference Paper
2017Computational methods for tonality-based style analysis of classical music audio recordings
Weiß, Christof
: Brandenburg, K.; Müller, M.
2011Songs2See and GlobalMusic2One: Two applied research projects in music information retrieval at Fraunhofer IDMT
Dittmar, Christian; Großmann, Holger; Cano, Estefania; Grollmisch, Sascha; Lukashevich, Hanna; Abeßer, Jakob
Conference Paper
2010Improving GMM Classifiers by Preliminary One-class SVM Outlier Detection: Application to Automatic Music Mood Estimation
Lukashevich, Hanna; Dittmar, C.
Conference Paper
2010The PROBADO project - approach and lessons learned in building a digital library system for heterogeneous non-textual documents
Berndt, Rene; Blümel, Ina; Clausen, Michael; Damm, David; Diet, Jürgen; Fellner, Dieter W.; Fremerey, Christian; Klein, Reinhard; Krahl, Frank; Scherer, Maximilian; Schreck, Tobias; Sens, Irina; Thomas, Verena; Wessel, Raoul
Conference Paper
2009Applying statistical models and parametric distance measures for music similarity search
Lukashevich, Hanna; Dittmar, Christian; Bastuck, Christoph
Conference Paper