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2001Soft tissue and skeletal muscle
Ernst, H.; Carlton, W.W.; Courtney, C.; Rinke, M.; Greaves, P.; Isaacs, K.R.; Krinke, G.; Konishi, Y.; Mesfin, G.M.; Sandusky, G.
Book Article
Braun, A.; Lommatzsch, M.; Lewin, G.R.; Virchow, J.C.; Renz, H.
Journal Article
1991Baculovirus-expressed myogenic determination factors require E12 complex formation for binding to the myosin-light-chain enhancer
Braun, T.; Gearing, K.; Wright, W.E.; Arnold, H.-H.
Journal Article
1991The four human muscle regulatory helix-loop-helix proteins Myf3-Myf6 exhibit similar hetero-dimerization and DNA binding properties
Braun, T.; Arnold, H.-H.
Journal Article
1991The muscle regulatory gene, Myf-6, has a biphasic pattern of expression during early mouse development
Bober, E.; Lyons, G.E.; Braun, T.; Cossu, G.; Buckingham, M.; Arnold, H.-H.
Journal Article
1991Transcription of the muscle regulatory gene Myf4 is regulated by serum components, peptide growth factors and signaling pathways involving G proteins
Salminen, A.; Braun, T.; Buchberger, A.; Juers, S.; Winter, B.; Arnold, H.-H.
Journal Article
1990Isolation and characterization of human myogenic factors involved in lineage determination and regulation of gene expression
Braun, T.; Bober, E.; Winter, B.; Arnold, H.-H.; Buschhausen-Denker, G.
Conference Paper