Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2011Stand-off explosive detection on surfaces using multispectral MIR-imaging
Degreif, K.; Rademacher, S.; Dasheva, P.; Fuchs, F.; Hugger, S.; Schnürer, F.; Schweikert, W.
Conference Paper
2009Productivity effects of outsourcing. New evidence on the strategic importance of vertical integration decisions
Broedner, P.; Kinkel, S.; Lay, G.
Journal Article
2001Aromatic hydrocarbons in the atmospheric environment. Part II: Univariate and multivariate analysis and case studies of indoor concentrations
Ilgen, E.; Levsen, K.; Angerer, J.; Schneider, P.; Heinrich, J.; Wichmann, H.E.
Journal Article
2001Using multiple adaptive regression splines to support decision making in code inspections
Briand, L.C.; Freimut, B.; Vollei, F.
2000Use of the T-RFLP technique to assess spatial and temporal changes in the bacterial community structure within an agricultural soil planted with transgenic and non-transgenic potato plants
Lukow, T.; Dunfield, P.F.; Liesack, W.
Journal Article