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2020Characterizing material flow in sensor-based sorting systems using an instrumented particle
Maier, Georg; Pfaff, Florian; Bittner, Andrea; Gruna, Robin; Noack, Benjamin; Kruggel-Emden, Harald; Hanebeck, Uwe D.; Längle, Thomas; Beyerer, Jürgen
Journal Article
2018Learning an infant body model from RGB-D data for accurate full body motion analysis
Hesse, Nikolas; Pujades, Sergi; Romero, Javier; Black, Michael J.; Bodensteiner, Christoph; Arens, Michael; Hofmann, Ulrich G.; Tacke, Uta; Hadders-Algra, Mijna; Weinerger, Raphael; Müller-Felber, Wolfgang; Schröder, Sebastian A.
Conference Paper
2017Markerless motion analysis for early detection of infantile movement disorders
Hesse, Nikolas; Schroeder, Sebastian; Müller-Felber, Wolfgang; Bodensteiner, Christoph; Arens, Michael; Hofmann, Ulrich G.
Conference Paper
2012Privacy protection and ethical governance - product (the solution) and process (concept-development) view
Menevidis, Zaharya
19973. Workshop Farbbildverarbeitung 1997. Tagungsband
: Paulus, D.; Wagner, T.
Conference Proceedings
19973D pose estimation by directly matching polyhedral models to gray value gradients
Kollnig, H.; Nagel, H.-H.
Journal Article
1997High speed imaging - Presence and future
Moeller, H.; Bloss, H.
Conference Paper
1995Three dimensional automatic motion analysis
Bauer, N.; Frischholz, R.W.
Conference Paper
1994Der synergetische Computer als Pförtner. Personenerkennung durch Bewegungsanalyse
Wagner, T.
Conference Paper
1993Stereo and motion correspondence in a sequence of stereo images
Liu, J.; Skerjanc, R.
Journal Article
1988Towards autonomous convoy driving - recognizing the starting vehicle in front
Rehfeld, N.; Zimmermann, G.; Kories, R.
Conference Paper