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2020A study on the microstructural characterization and phase compositions of thermally sprayed Al2O3-TiO2 coatings obtained from powders and water-based suspensions
Michalak, Monika; Toma, Filofteia-Laura; Latka, Leszek; Sokolowski, Pawel; Barbosa, Maria Manuel; Ambroziak, Andrzej
Journal Article
2018Effect of poly(ɛ-caprolactone) in polybenzoxazine blends and respective copolymers on morphology and mechanical properties
Schäfer, Hannes; Koschek, Katharina
Journal Article
2018High impact polypropylene - structure evolution and impact on reaction
Plata, Miguel Angel Acevedo
: Bartke, Michael
2018Nano-architectured CeO2 supported Rh with remarkably enhanced catalytic activity for propylene glycol reforming reaction in microreactors
Shanmugam, Vetrivel; Zapf, Ralf; Hessel, Volker; Pennemann, Helmut; Kolb, Gunther
Journal Article
2017Configuration options for corporate incubators - development of a description model using the morphological analysis method
Schuh, Günther; Lau, Felix; Zimmermann, Richard; Vogt, Florian
Conference Paper
2017Influence of substrate temperature on morphology and behavior under cyclic thermal load of gas flow sputtered zirconia coatings
Rösemann, N.; Ortner, K.; Petersen, J.; Stöwer, M.; Bäker, M.; Bräuer, G.; Rösler, J.
Journal Article
2017Microstructure of gas flow sputtered thermal barrier coatings
Rösemann, N.; Ortner, K.; Petersen, J.; Bäker, M.; Bräuer, G.; Rösler, J.
Journal Article
2017Stereoscopic imaging determines space debris impact crater distribution and morphology
Gulde, Max; Berger, Heiko; Putzar, Robin
Journal Article
2017Surface roughness and foam morphology of cellulose acetate sheets foamed with 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
Hopmann, Christian H.; Hendriks, Sven; Spicker, Claudia; Zepnik, Stefan; Lück, Frank van
Journal Article
2016High impact polypropylene: Morphology generation during homo-stage
Plata, Miguel; Bartke, Michael
2016Transcriptomics and physiological analyses reveal co-ordinated alteration of metabolic pathways in Jatropha curcas drought tolerance
Sapeta, Helena; Lourenco, Tiago; Lorenz, Stefan; Grumaz, Christian; Kirstahler, Philipp; Barros, Pedro M.; Costa, Joaquim Miguel; Sohn, Kai; Oliveira, M. Margarida
Journal Article
2015Influence of bias voltage and oxygen flow rate on morphology and crystallographic properties of gas flow sputtered zirconia coatings
Rösemann, N.; Ortner, K.; Petersen, J.; Schadow, T.; Bäker, M.; Bräuer, G.; Rösler, J.
Journal Article
2015Self-organized, effective medium Black Silicon for infrared antireflection
Steglich, Martin; Käsebier, Thomas; Schrempel, Frank; Kley, Ernst-Bernhard; Tünnermann, Andreas
Journal Article
2015Simulation of the influence of surface tension on granule morphology during spray drying using a simple capillary force model
Breinlinger, T.; Hashibon, A.; Kraft, T.
Journal Article
2014Optimization of the synthesis of boron suboxide powders
Ogunmuyiwa, Enoch N.; Johnson, Oluwagbenga T.; Sigalas, Iakovos; Herrmann, Mathias; Afolabi, Ayo Samuel
Conference Paper
2013Grain size dependent physical and chemical properties of thick CVD diamond films for high energy density physics experiments
Dawedeit, C.; Kucheyev, S.O.; Shin, S.J.; Willey, T.M.; Bagge-Hansen, M.; Braun, T.; Wang, Y.M.; El-Dasher, B.S.; Teslich, N.E.; Biener, M.M.; Ye, J.; Kirste, L.; Röhlig, C.-C.; Wolfer, M.; Wörner, E.; Buuren, A.W. van; Hamza, A.V.; Wild, C.; Biener, J.
Journal Article
2012Effect of crystal habit and superstructure on modulus of elasticity of isotactic polypropylene by AFM nanoindentation
Zia, Q.; Tranchida, D.; Androsch, R.; Schönherr, H.
Journal Article
2012Flow-induced size distribution and anisotropy of the minor phase droplets in a polypropylene/poly (ethylene-octene) copolymer blend: Interplay between break-up and coalscence
Zuev, V.V.; Steinhoff, Bernd; Bronnikov, S.; Kothe, H.; Alig, Ingo
Journal Article
2011Improving the mechanical properties ofpPolysaccharide derivatives through melt compounding with nano-clays
Hassan Nejad, M.
2011Physicochemical characterisation of different welding aerosols
Berlinger, B.; Benker, N.; Weinbruch, S.; L'Vov, B.; Ebert, M.; Koch, Wolfgang; Ellingsen, D.G.; Thomassen, Y.
Journal Article
2010Design of near lattice-matched AlGaInN-barriers for highly-scalable GaN-based transistor structures
Lim, T.; Aidam, R.; Kirste, L.; Waltereit, P.; Müller, S.; Ambacher, O.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2004TRIZ-based technology intelligence
Schuh, G.; Grawatsch, M.
Conference Paper
2002Structure and defects of vapor-phase-grown diamond nanocrystals
Jiang, X.; Jia, C.L.
Journal Article
2000MOVPE-based in situ etching of In(GaAs)P/InP using tertiarybutylchloride
Wolfram, P.; Ebert, W.; Kreissl, J.; Grote, N.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2000Toughening of epoxy resins modified with polyetherester block copolymers. The influence of modifier molecular architecture on mechanical properties
Höfflin, F.; Könczöl, L.; Döll, W.; Morawiec, J.; Mülhaupt, R.
Journal Article
1998Image analysis for 3D modeling, rendering, and virtual view generation
Ebroul Izquierdo, M.; Kruse, S.
Journal Article
1996Material characterisation of SrS:Ce,Mn,Cl films
Troppenz, U.; Bilger, G.; Bohne, W.; Gers, G.; Kreissl, J.; Mauch, R.-H.; Sieber, K.; Velthaus, K.O.
Conference Paper
1996Neural Networks Unravel the Early Warnings of Eye Disease
Fiedler, U.
Journal Article
1995Extracting Surfaces from Fuzzy 3D-Ultrasound Data
Sakas, G.; Walter, S.
Conference Paper
1995Investigation of surface topography, morphology and structure of hard amorphous carbon films by AFM and TEM
Drescher, D.; Kolitsch, A.; Mensch, A.; Scheibe, H.J.
Conference Paper
1994PLD of thin films for applications
Voss, A.; Pfleging, W.; Alunovic, M.; Kreutz, E.W.
Conference Paper
1993Complete description of the material transfer and the deposition by PLD of thin films of ceramic materials
Aden, M.; Alunovic, M.; Voss, A.; Sung, H.; Kreutz, E.W.; Brcka, J.
Conference Paper
1993Smooth diamond films for optical applications
Koidl, P.; Wild, C.; Locher, R.; Kohl, R.
Conference Paper
1991Immunohistochemistry and morphology of particle-induced pulmonary lesions
Ernst, H.; Nolte, T.; Rittinghausen, S.; Thiedemann, K.-U.
Book Article
1991Textured growth and twinning in polycrystalline CVD diamond films
Müller-Sebert, W.; Eckermann, T.; Herres, N.; Koidl, P.; Wild, C.
Conference Paper
1990Morphological effects of CdO-aerosols on the rat lung
Glaser, U.; Oldiges, H.; Takenaka, S.
Journal Article