Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Electrochemical machining of molybdenum
Schneider, Michael; Simunkova, Lenka; Michaelis, Alexander; Hoogsteen, Willem
Journal Article
2015Characterization of Mo/Si mirror interface roughness for different Mo layer thickness using resonant diffuse EUV scattering
Haase, Anton; Soltwitsch, Victor; Scholze, Frank; Braun, Stefan
Conference Paper
2014Specific aspects of roughness and interface diffusion in non-periodic Mo/Si multilayers
Braun, Stefan; Gawlitza, Peter; Menzel, Maik; Friedrich, Wolfgang; Schmidt, Jürgen; Leson, Andreas
Conference Paper
2011Resonance effects in photoemission from TiO2-capped Mo/Si multilayer mirrors for extreme ultraviolet applications
Faradzhev, N.S.; Yakshinskiy, B.V.; Starodub, E.; Madey, T.E.; Hill, S.B.; Grantham, S.; Lucatorto, T.B.; Yulin, S.; Vescovo, E.; Keister, J.W.
Journal Article
2009High productive deposited Mo layers for back ohmic contacts of solar cells
Heinß, J.-P.; Händel, F.; Meyer, T.; Würz, R.
Journal Article
2005Preparation and characterization of multilayers for EUV applications
Foltyn, T.; Braun, S.; Friedrich, W.; Leson, A.; Menzel, M.
Conference Paper
2001Mo/Si multilayers with different barrier layers for applications as EUV mirrors
Braun, S.; Mai, H.; Moss, M.; Scholz, R.
Conference Paper
1999Molybdenum Metabolism in Plants
Zimmer, W.; Mendel, R.
Journal Article
1994Material selection for thin film thermocouples operating at extremely high temperatures
Bewilogua, K.; Hübsch, H.; Bethke, R.; Willich, P.; Dieckmann, M.; Bugeat, J.-P.
Conference Paper
1985Thermal diffusivity of homogeneous and coated materials in the temperature range between room temperatur and 1000 C
Soelter, H.-J.
Book Article