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2015Structural hot spots determine functional diversity of the Candida glabrata epithelial adhesin family
Diderrich, Rike; Kock, Michael; Maestre-Reyna, Manuel; Keller, Petra; Steuber, Holger; Rupp, Steffen; Essen, Lars-Oliver; Mösch, Hans-Ulrich
Journal Article
2010Commentary on "Investigations of somatic NKX2-5 mutations in congenital heart disease (CHD)"
Reamon-Buettner, S.M.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article
1998Cloning and chromosomal mapping of the human p53-related KET gene to chromosome 3q27 and its murine homolog Ket to mouse chromosome 16
Augustin, M.; Bamberger, C.; Paul, D.; Schmale, H.
Journal Article
1989Differential expression of myogenic determination genes in musle cells - possible autoactivation by the Myf gene products
Arnold, H.-H.; Bober, E.; Braun, T.; Buschhausen-Denker, G.; Grzeschik, K.-H.; Kotz, S.
Journal Article