Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Reactive and non-reactive preparation of B6O materials by FAST/SPS
Thiele, Maik; Herrmann, Mathias; Müller, C.; Gestrich, Tim; Michaelis, Alexander
Journal Article
2013B6O materials with Al2O3/Y2O3 additives densified by FAST/SPS and HIP
Thiele, M.; Herrmann, M.; Michaelis, A.
Journal Article
2012B6O ceramics prepared by near-ambient and high pressure sintering technologies
Thiele, Maik; Herrmann, Mathias
2012Densification and properties of superhard B6O materials with cobalt additions
Johnson, O.T.; Sigalas, I.; Herrmann, M.; Kleebe, H.J.
Journal Article
2012Influence of microstructure on crack tip toughness of alpha-Sialon ceramics
Bodur, C.T.; Thiele, M.; Herrmann, M.
Journal Article
2012Preparation and properties of B6O/TiB2-composites
Thiele, M.; Herrmann, M.; Räthel, J.; Kleebe, H.-J.; Mueller, M.M.; Gestrich, T.; Michaelis, A.
Journal Article
2011Boron suboxide (B6O) with oxide additives for cutting and wear applications
Thiele, Maik; Herrmann, Mathias; Kleebe, Hans-Joachim
2010SiC ceramic micropatterns from polycarbosilanes
Jang, Y.-S.; Jank, M.; Maier, V.; Durst, K.; Travitzky, N.; Zollfrank, C.
Journal Article
2009Liquid phase assisted densification of superhard B6O materials
Herrmann, M.; Raethel, J.; Bales, A.; Sempf, K.; Sigalas, I.; Hoehn, M.
Journal Article