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2015Tunable multisegment Si(x)N(y)/AlN piezo lenses for wavefront correction
Zürbig, V.; Pätz, D.; Fries, J.; Bichra, M.; Pletschen, W.; Holc, K.; Reusch, M.; Nebel, C.E.; Sinzinger, S.; Ambacher, O.; Lebedev, V.
Conference Paper
2002Highly selective etching of deep silica components using electron cyclotron resonance plasma
Ferstl, M.
Journal Article
2000Three-dimensional microstructure elements fabricated by electron beam lithography and dry etching technique
Steingrüber, R.; Ferstl, M.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
1983Comparison of efficiency and feedback characteristics of techniques for coupling semiconductor lasers to single-mode fiber
Wenke, G.; Zhu, Y.
Journal Article