Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Organic Microdisplays for Visual Feedback
Lenk, Simone; Richter, Bernd; Wartenberg, Philipp; Vogel, Uwe
Conference Paper
2021Ultra-compact and large field-of-view nano-illumination light microscope based on an array of organic light-emitting diodes
Vila, A.; Moreno, S.; Canals, J.; Moro, V.; Franch, N.; Wartenberg, P.; Dieguez, A.
Conference Paper
2019Invited Paper: A New 0.64″ 720p OLED Microdisplay for Application in Industrial See‐Through AR HMD
Wartenberg, Philipp; Richter, Bernd; Brenner, Stephan; Rolle, Martin; Bunk, Gerd; Ulbricht, Steffen; Baumgarten, Judith; Schmidt, Christian
Journal Article
201840‐5: Invited Paper: High Frame‐Rate 1” WUXGA OLED Microdisplay and Advanced Free‐Form Optics for Ultra‐Compact VR Headsets
Wartenberg, Philipp; Buljan, Marina; Richter, Bernd; Haas, Gunther; Brenner, Stephan; Thieme, Mike; Vogel, Uwe; Benitez, Pablo
Journal Article
2018Electron beam patterning for high-resolution full-color OLED displays
Bodenstein, Elisabeth; Vogel, Uwe
Journal Article
2018Microdisplays for Smart Eyewear
Richter, Bernd; Wartenberg, Philipp; Vogel, Uwe
Journal Article
2018OLED-on-silicon microdisplays: Technology, devices, applications
Vogel, Uwe; Wartenberg, Philipp; Richter, Bernd; Brenner, Stephan; Fehse, Karsten; Schober, Matthias
Conference Paper
201777-1: Invited Paper. Ultra-low power OLED microdisplay for extended battery life in NTE displays
Vogel, Uwe; Beyer, Beatrice; Schober, Matthias; Wartenberg, Philipp; Brenner, Stephan; Bunk, Gerd; Ulbricht, Stephan; König, P.; Richter, Bernd
Journal Article
2017OLED microdisplays in near-to-eye applications: Challenges and solutions
Vogel, Uwe; Richter, Bernd; Wartenberg, Philipp; König, Peter; Hild, Olaf R.; Fehse, Karsten; Schober, Matthias; Bodenstein, Elisabeth; Beyer, B.
Conference Paper
2016OLED microdisplays – enabling advanced near-to-eye displays, sensors, and beyond
Vogel, Uwe; Richter, Bernd; Hild, Olaf-Rüdiger; Wartenberg, Philipp; Fehse, Karsten; Schober, Matthias; Brenner, Stephan; Baumgarten, Judith
Journal Article
201515.5L: Late-News Paper: SVGA Full-Color Bidirectional OLED Microdisplay
Wartenberg, Philipp; Richter, Bernd; Brenner, Stephan; Thomschke, Michael; Fehse, Karsten; Baumgarten, Judith; Vogel, Uwe
Journal Article
2012Aspects of a head-mounted eye-tracker based on a bidirectional OLED microdisplay
Baumgarten, Judith; Schuchert, Tobias; Voth, Sascha; Wartenberg, Philipp; Richter, Bernd; Vogel, Uwe
Journal Article
2011Microdisplay-based intraoral 3D scanner for dentistry
Riehemann, S.; Palme, M.; Kühmstedt, P.; Grossmann, C.; Notni, G.; Hintersehr, J.
Journal Article
2009Microdisplay-based industrial 3-D and microstructure measurement systems
Riehemann, S.; Lippmann, U.; Palme, M.; Großmann, C.; Kühmstedt, P.; Notni, G.
Journal Article
2006OLED-on-CMOS for microdisplay applications
Vogel, U.; Kreye, D.; Toerker, M.; Amelung, J.
Conference Paper
2005System concept and optical design of miniaturized projection and imaging systems with OLED microdisplays
Riehemann, S.; Palme, M.; Lippmann, U.; Wolf, N.; Notni, G.
Conference Paper
2003Verkapselungstechnologie für Mikrodisplays auf Basis von organischen Leuchtdioden
Kibler, D.
2000The moving liquid mirror (MLM) spatial light modulator
Wolter, A.; Lakner, H.; Doleschal, W.; Zimmer, G.
Conference Paper