Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Conceptualizing the knowledge to manage and utilize data assets in the context of digitization
Böhmer, Martin; Dabrowski, Agatha; Otto, Boris
2018Efficiency Potential of P-Type PERT vs. PERC Solar Cells
Meier, S.; Wasmer, S.; Fell, A.; Wöhrle, N.; Greulich, J.; Wolf, A.
Conference Paper
2012Nonlinear metamodeling of bulky data and applications in automotive design
Nikitina, L.; Nikitin, I.; Clees, T.
Conference Paper
2012Stochastic analysis and nonlinear metamodeling of crash test simulations and their application in automotive design
Nikitin, I.; Nikitina, L.; Clees, T.
Book Article
2011A pattern language for architecture assessments of service-oriented enterprise systems
Zimmermann, Alfred; Laux, Fritz; Reiners, René
Conference Paper
2011Statistical analysis of process chains: Novel PRO-CHAIN components
Steffes-lai, D.; Clees, T.
Conference Paper
2010Multi-objective optimisation on the basis of random models for ethylene oxide
Maaß, A.; Nikitina, L.; Clees, T.; Kirschner, K.N.; Reith, D.
Journal Article
2004Explicit representation of variability in software product family assets
Becker, M.
2003Higher quality requirements specifications through natural language patterns
Denger, C.; Berry, D.M.; Kamsties, E.
Conference Paper
2001Detecting Ambiguities in Requirements Documents Using Inspections
Kamsties, E.; Berry, D.M.; Paech, B.
Conference Paper
2001Surfacing ambiguity in natural language requirements
Kamsties, E.
2000Taming Ambiguity in Natural Language Requirements
Kamsties, E.; Paech, B.
Conference Paper
1998A metamodel for object-oriented statecharts
Mann, S.; Klar, M.
Conference Paper
1996ALPHA. A class library for a metamodel based on algebraic graph theory
Claßen, I.; Erdmann, S.
Conference Paper