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2016Towards a time-domain traffic model for adaptive industrial communication in ISM bands
Saad, Ahmad; Staehle, Barbara
Conference Paper
2016Visual acuity performance of several observers using the triangle orientation discrimination methodology
Mündel, Julia; Geisel, Bärbel; Braesicke, Katrin; Bürsing, Helge
Conference Paper
2014Extended 4-point approximation of the optimal QAM modulation detector
Chen, Yun; Husmann, Christopher; Saad, Ahmad; Heidrich, Mike
Conference Paper
2001Review of Viterbi's model estimating the capacity of CDMA based mobile systems
Boche, H.; Jugl, E.
Journal Article
2000The L1-norm of out-of-phase peaks of the aperiodic auto-correlation function of binary sequences
Stanczak, S.; Boche, H.
Conference Paper
1996Scene segmentation from dense displacement vector fields using randomized Hough transform
Kruse, S.-M.
Journal Article