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2016Description of transient material behaviour under constant and variable amplitude loading for cold formed steels by linear flow splitting
Tomasella, Alessio
: Melz, Tobias (Berichterstatter); Sonsino, Cetin Morris (Mitberichterstatter); Groche, Peter (Mitberichterstatter)
2015Fatigue life design of components under variable amplitude loading with respect to cyclic material behaviour
Hell, Matthias; Wagener, Rainer; Kaufmann, Heinz; Melz, Tobias
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2011Approach for load-adapted optimization of generative manufactured lattice structures
Reinhart, G.; Teufelhart, S.
Conference Paper
2009Materials simulation
Gumbsch, P.; Götz, T.
Book Article
2006Third International Conference Multiscale Materials Modeling 2006. Proceedings
: Gumbsch, P.
Conference Proceedings
1990Description of the laser stroboscope and its applications
Kleinschnittger, A.; Stilp, A.
Conference Paper
1990Modelling, testing and analysis of EFP performance as a function of confinement
Doeringsfeld, K.; Speck, J.; Lopatin, C.; Weimann, K.
Conference Paper
1989Present state of interdependencies between the mechanical and ballistic behaviour of metals
Behler, F.-J.; Frank, K.; Magness, L.; Meyer, L.W.
Conference Paper
1988Impact loading and dynamic behaviour of materials. Vol.1
: Meyer, L.W.; Kunze, H.-D.; Chiem, C.Y.
Conference Proceedings
1981Dynamic behaviour of high strength steels under tension
Meyer, L.W.; Kunze, H.-D.; Seifert, K.
Book Article