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2020Hydrogen technologies for a CO2-neutral chemical industry – a plant-specific bottom-up assessment of pathways to decarbonise the German chemical industry
Neuwirth, Marius; Fleiter, Tobias
Conference Paper
2010Standby and off-mode energy losses in office equipment - the SELINA project
Almeida, A. de; Roscetti, A.; Pagliano, L.; Schlomann, B.; Patrao, C.; Silva, D.; Rivière, P.
Conference Paper
2007Detailed analysis of electricity consumption in tertiary buildings as a basis for energy efficiency policies
Gruber, E.; Sofronis, I.; Dusée, R.; Plesser, S.
Conference Paper
2006Reshaping markets for the benefit of energy saving
Perrels, A.; Ostertag, K.; Henderson, G.
Journal Article
2003Evaluation of the pilot procurement project in Germany
Ostertag, K.
Conference Paper