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1994Influence of In on Si local vibrational modes in InxGa1-xAs -0 equal or smaller than x equal or smaller than 0.12-
Alvarez, A.L.; Calle, F.; Wagner, A.; Sacedon, A.; Maier, M.; Fernandez de Avila, S.; Calleja, E.; Munoz, E.; Lourenco, M.A.
Journal Article
1994A local vibrational mode investigation of p-type Si-doped GaAs
Ashwin, M.J.; Fahy, M.R.; Newman, R.C.; Wagner, J.; Robbie, D.A.; Silier, I.; Sangster, M.J.L.; Bauser, E.; Braun, W.; Ploog, K.
Journal Article
1992Raman spectroscopy of localized vibrational modes from carbon and carbon-hydrogen pairs in heavily carbon-doped GaAs epitaxial layers
Bachem, K.H.; Mörsch, G.; Kamp, M.; Fischer, A.; Lauterbach, T.; Maier, M.; Ploog, K.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article
1991Local vibrational mode spectroscopy of Si donors and Be acceptors in MBE InAs and InSb studied by infrared absorption and Raman scattering.
Addinall, R.; Murray, R.; Newman, R.C.; Parker, S.D.; Williams, R.L.; Droopad, R.; Deoliveira, A.G.; Stradling, R.A.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article