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2022Direct measurement of gaussian distributed radial crystallographic orientations of polycrystalline, layered-oxide secondary particles and their impact on materials utilization in battery cathodes
Wegener, Julian; Ho, Levin Chee Xian; Glavas, Vedran; Müller, Jonathan Edward; Höhn, Sören; Clausner, André; Latz, Arnulf
Journal Article
2021Molecular engineering approaches to fabricate artificial solid-electrolyte interphases on anodes for Li-Ion batteries
Fedorov, Roman; Maletti, Sebastian; Heubner, Christian; Michaelis, Alexander; Ein-Eli, Yain
Journal Article
2016The influence of the synthesis route on electrochemical properties of spinel type high-voltage cathode material LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 for lithium ion batteries
Seidel, Matthias; Nikolowski, Kristian; Wolter, Mareike; Kinski, Isabel; Michaelis, Alexander
Conference Paper
2016Interactions between electrolytes and carbon-based materials - NMR studies on electrical double-layer capacitors, lithium-ion batteries, and fuel cells
Oschatz, Martin; Borchardt, Lars; Hippauf, Felix; Nickel, Winfried; Kaskel, Stefan; Brunner, Eike
Journal Article
2014Improving the rate capability of high voltage Lithium-ion battery cathode material LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 by ruthenium doping
Kiziltaş-Yavuz, Nilüfer; Bhaskar, Aiswarya; Dixon, Ditty; Yavuz, Murat; Nikolowski, Kristian; Lu, Li; Eichel, Rüdiger; Ehrenberg, Helmut
Journal Article