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2018Separation of branched Poly(bisphenol A carbonate) structures by solvent gradient at near-critical conditions and two-dimensional liquid chromatography
Apel, Nico; Uliyanchenko, Elena; Moyses, Stephan; Rommens, Stijn; Wold, Christian; Macko, Tibor; Brüll, Robert
Journal Article
2015Cloud point temperature measurements on polyolefins
Arndt, Jan-Hendrik; Macko, Tibor; Brüll, Robert
Journal Article
2015High-temperature solvent gradient liquid chromatography of model long chain branched polyethylenes
Macko, Tibor; Brüll, Robert; Santonja-Blasco, Laura; Alamo, Rufina G.
Journal Article
2015Liquid chromatography at critical conditions of polyethylene
Bhati, Sampat Singh; Macko, Tibor; Brüll, Robert; Mekap, Dibyaranjan
Journal Article
2013One-step method for separation and identification of n-alkanes/oligomers in HDPE using high-temperature high-performance liquid chromatography
Mekap, D.; Macko, Tibor; Brüll, Robert; Cong, R.; Groot, A.W. de; Parrott, A.; Yau, W.
Journal Article
2006Characterization of ageing behaviour of environmentally acceptable lubricants based on trimethylolpropane esters
Hahn, S.; Dott, W.; Eisenträger, A.
Journal Article
2005Analysis of highly polar compounds in groundwater samples from ammunition waste sites. Part I-Characterization of the pollutant spectrum
Preiss, A.; Elend, M.; Gerling, S.; Tränckner, S.
Journal Article
2003Two new asterosaponins from the starfish Asterias rubens: Application of a cryogenic NMR probe head
Sandvoss, M.; Preiß, A.; Levsen, K.; Weisemann, R.; Spraul, M.
Journal Article
2002LC-NMR in environmental analysis
Preiß, A.; Godejohann, M.
Book Article
2001Combination of matrix solid-phase dispersion extraction and direct on-line liquid chromatography-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy-tandem mass spectrometry as a new efficient approach for the rapid screening of natural products
Sandvoss, M.; Weltring, A.; Preiss, A.; Levsen, K.; Wuensch, G.
Journal Article
2001Die Hochregulierung S-Adenosyl-L-Methionin-abhängiger Methyltransferasen führt zu einer gesteigerten Bildung von ADMA unter hypercholesterinämischen Bedingungen
Sydow, K.; Bode-Böger, S.M.; Thum, T.; Borlak, J.; Münzel, T.; Böger, R.H.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2001Verapamil metabolism in distinct regions of the heart and in cultures of cardiomyocytes of adult rats
Walles, M.; Thum, T.; Levsen, K.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article
2000Characterization of dyes and other pollutants in the effluent of a textile company by LC/NMR and LC/MS
Preiß, A.; Sänger, U.; Karfich, N.; Levsen, K.; Mügge, C.
Journal Article
2000Isolation and structural elucidation of steroid oligoglycosides from the starfish asterias rubens by means of direct online LC-NMR-MS hyphenation and one- and two-dimensional NMR investigations
Sandvoss, M.; Pham, L.H.; Levsen, K.; Preiß, A.; Mügge, C.; Wünsch, G.
Journal Article
1998Quantitative measurements in continuos-flow HPLC/NMR
Godejohann, M.; Preiß, A.; Mügge, C.
Journal Article
1996Determination of nitrophenols, nitrobenzoic acids and polar explosives by HPLC-diode array detection in ground water samples of former ammunition plants
Godejohann, M.; Preiß, A.; Levsen, K.; Wünsch, G.; Eisert, R.
Journal Article
1995Multiresidue analysis of polar pesticides in surface and drinking water by on-line enrichment and thermospray LC-MS
Sennert, S.; Volmer, D.; Levsen, K.; Wünsch, G.
Journal Article
1994Analysis of polar pesticides in aqueous samples by combined on-line trace enrichment and thermospray liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.
Volmer, D.; Levsen, K.; Engewald, W.
Journal Article
1994Mass spectrometric analysis of nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing pesticides by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
Volmer, D.; Levsen, K.
Journal Article
1994Thermospray liquid chromatographic-mass spectrometric multi-residue determination of 128 polar pesticides in aqueous environmental samples
Volmer, D.; Levsen, K.; Wünsch, G.
Journal Article
1993Temperature and salt concentration effects on the ion abundances in thermospray mass spectra
Volmer, D.; Preiß, A.; Levsen, K.; Wünsch, G.
Journal Article