Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Numerical study on the influence of material models for tin-based solder alloys on reliability statements
Metasch, René; Schwerz, Robert; Meier, K.; Röllig, Mike
Conference Paper
2009Solderjet bumping for the assembly of optical fibers
Burkhardt, T.; Kamm, A.; Beckert, E.; Eberhardt, R.; Buchmann, F.; Tünnermann, A.
Conference Paper
2007Identification of intermetallic compounds in microelectronic
Krause, M.; Petzold, M.
Conference Paper
2007The size effect on the creep properties of SnAgCu-solder alloys
Wiese, S.; Roellig, M.; Mueller, M.; Wolter, K.-J.; Bennemann, S.; Petzold, M.
Conference Paper
2006Compositional effects on the creep properties of SnAgCu solder
Wiese, S.; Krämer, F.; Müller, M.; Röllig, M.; Wolter, K.-J.; Krause, M.; Bennemann, S.; Petzold, M.
Conference Paper
2006Morphology and growth kinetics of intermetallic compounds in solid-state interfacial reaction of electroless Ni-P with Sn-based lead-free solders
Huang, M.L.; Löher, T.; Manessis, D.; Böttcher, L.; Ostmann, A.; Reichl, H.
Journal Article
2006A SEM and TEM study of the interconnect microstructure and reliability for a new XFLGA package
Bennemann, S.; Graff, A.; Schischka, J.; Petzold, M.; Theuss, H.; Dangelmaier, J.; Pressel, K.
Conference Paper
2005Mechanical characterization of lead-free solders in FCIP devices
Krause, M.; Petzold, M.; Grau, P.
Conference Paper
2004Investigations on the reliability of lead-free CSP subjected to harsh environments
Dudek, R.; Döring, R.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper
2000Lead-Free Solders for Flipchip-Technology
Leonhard, W.; Gemmler, A.; Heck, W.; Jordan, M.; Gust, W.
Conference Paper