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2005Investigating the ArF laser stability of CaF2 at elevated fluences
Burkert, A.; Mühlig, C.; Triebel, W.; Keutel, D.; Natura, U.; Parthier, L.; Gliech, S.; Schröder, S.; Duparre, A.
Conference Paper
2001High single-mode-yield multiple-wavelength DFB-laser arrays in the 1.55 mu m range
Kreissl, J.; Troppenz, U.; Rehbein, W.; Hüttl, B.; Lenz, E.; Venghaus, H.; Fidorra, F.
Conference Paper
1998Beam generation and beam shaping for a 1.5 kW diffusion-cooled annular CO2 laser
Habich, U.; Heursch, A.; Plum, H.-D.; Poprawe, R.
Conference Paper
1996Characterization of an all-optical clock recovery operating in excess of 40 Gbit/s
Ehrhardt, A.; Ludwig, R.; Pieper, W.; Jahn, E.; Weber, H.G.
Conference Paper
1995Stable operation of two OEIC-based tunable polarization-diversity heterodyne receivers
Hilbk, U.; Hermes, T.; Meissner, P.; Westphal, F.-J.
Conference Paper