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20102 MHz repetition rate, 200 ps pulse duration from a monolithic passively Q-switched microchip laser
Steinmetz, A.; Nodop, D.; Limpert, J.; Hohmuth, R.; Richter, W.; Tünnermann, A.
Conference Paper
2010New results of unimorph laser mirrors with screen printed actuator
Bruchmann, C.; Burkhardt, T.; Kamm, A.; Gebhardt, S.; Beckert, E.; Eberhardt, R.; Tünnermann, A.
Conference Paper
2009Novel construction of a deformable mirror for laser beam shaping
Bruchmann, C.; Eberhardt, R.; Beckert, E.; Peschel, T.; Gramens, S.; Gebhardt, S.E.; Tünnermann, A.
Conference Paper
1999Light scattering and atomic force microscopic investigations on magnetron sputtered oxide single layers and multilayers for micromechanical laser mirrors
Kupfer, H.; Richter, F.; Schlott, P.; Duparre, A.; Gliech, S.
Conference Paper
1998Beam generation and beam shaping for a 1.5 kW diffusion-cooled annular CO2 laser
Habich, U.; Heursch, A.; Plum, H.-D.; Poprawe, R.
Conference Paper
1995Low-temperature CAIBE processes for InP-based optoelectronics
Daleiden, J.; Eisele, K.; Ralston, J.D.; Fiedler, F.; Vollrath, G.
Conference Paper