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2021Fundamental studies on the interaction of laser radiation and paper regarding a joining process without filler material
Lull, Florian; Zahel, Martin; Panzner, Michael; Schilling, T.
Conference Paper
2005Anisotropic properties of laser-irradiated metal nanoparticle-containing plasma polymer films
Löschner, K.; Kiesow, A.; Heilmann, A.; Dyrba, M.; Abdolvand, A.; Podlipensky, A.; Seifert, G.
Conference Paper
2005Generation of wavelength-dependent, periodic line pattern in metal nanoparticle-containing polymer films by femtosecond laser irradiation
Kiesow, A.; Strohkark, S.; Löschner, K.; Heilmann, A.; Podlipensky, A.; Abdolvand, A.; Seifert, G.
Journal Article
2005Periodically ordered structure changes in metal nanoparticle-containing plasma polymer films by laser irradiation
Kiesow, A.; Löschner, K.; Seifert, G.; Heilmann, A.
Conference Paper
2005Thermally induced structure changes and their influence on the optical properties of noble metal nanoparticles in a polymer matrix
Löschner, K.; Buchfink, R.; Kiesow, A.; Heilmann, A.
Conference Paper
2002UV laser radiation-induced modifications and microstructuring of glass
Talkenberg, M.; Kreutz, E.W.; Horn, A.; Jacquorie, M.; Poprawe, R.
Conference Paper
1998248 nm laser interaction studies on LaF3/MgF2 optical coatings by cross sectional transmission electron microscopy
Kaiser, N.; Czigany, Z.; Adamik, M.
Journal Article
1998Safety enclosures for laser cells
Dahmen, M.; Alunovic, M.; Kreutz, E.W.; Schreiber, P.
Journal Article
1996Non-destructive characterization and evaluation of thin films by laser-induced ultrasonic surface waves
Schneider, D.; Tucker, M.D.
Journal Article
1995Thermal shock behavior of boron nitride/boron carbide composite ceramics
Pompe, W.; Bahr, H.-A.; Kirchhoff, G.; Holzherr, M.; Ruh, R.; Zangvil, A.
Conference Paper
1994Fracture mechanical characterization of thermal damage of ceramics by means of laser irradiation
Kirchhoff, G.; Holzherr, M.; Pflugbeil, I.; Weiss, H.-J.; Bahr, H.-A.
Conference Paper
1994Simulation der Disruptions-Belastung von Erste-Wand-Hochtemperturmaterialien
Wetzig, K.; Menzel, S.; Rossek, U.; Schultrich, B.
Journal Article
1993Thermal shock fracture by laser irradiation.
Kirchhoff, G.
Book Article
1993Untersuchung der laserinduzierten Rißbildung an Hochtemperatur-Kohlenstoffwerkstoffen im LAREM
Wetzig, K.; Menzel, S.; Rossek, U.; Hübel, R.; Schultrich, B.
Conference Paper