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2019On the para/ortho reactivity of isocyanate groups during the carbamation of cellulose nanocrystals using 2,4-toluene diisocyanate
Abushammala, Hatem
Journal Article
2019Reactive inkjet printing of polyethylene glycol and isocyanate based inks to create porous polyurethane structures
Schuster, Fabian; Hirth, Thomas; Weber, Achim
Journal Article
2019A review of the surface modification of cellulose and nanocellulose using aliphatic and aromatic mono- and di-isocyanates
Abushammala, Hatem; Mao, Jia
Journal Article
2019A simple method for the quantification of free isocyanates on the surface of cellulose nanocrystals upon carbamation using toluene diisocyanate
Abushammala, Hatem
Journal Article
2005Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) aerosol and long-term pulmonary lesions in Wistar rats
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Book Article
1996Embryotoxicity study of monomeric 4,4'-Methylenediphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) aerosol after inhalation exposure in Wistar rats
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Journal Article
1993Assessment of pollutant-induced impairment of the pulmonary surfactant system by high-performance liquid chromatography
Klingebiel, R.; Winkeler, H.D.; Drenk, F.; Heinrich, U.
Conference Paper
1991Effects of 12 weeks exposure to a diisocyanate -MDI- on the pulmonary surfactant system and bronchoalveolar cell content in rats
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Journal Article
1991Effects of subchronic exposure to a diisocyanate -MDI- on the pulmonary surfactant system and lung function.
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Journal Article