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2020Energy Yield Modelling of 2D and 3D Curved Photovoltaic Modules
Neven-du Mont, S.; Heinrich, M.; Pfreundt, A.; Kutter, C.; Tummalieh, A.; Neuhaus, D.-H.
Conference Paper
2019A Comparison of Two Models for the Separation of Direct and Diffuse Irradiance in Plane of Array
Guzman Razo, Dorian Esteban; Killinger, Sven; Müller, Björn; Wittwer, Christof
Conference Paper
2015On the uncertainty of energetic impact on the yield of different PV technologies due to varying spectral irradiance
Dirnberger, D.; Müller, B.; Reise, C.
Journal Article
2014Rethinking solar resource assessments in the context of global dimming and brightening
Müller, B.; Wild, M.; Driesse, A.; Behrens, K.
Journal Article
1996Absorption of atmospheric NO2 by spruce (Picea abies) trees. Part 2. Parameterization of NO2 fluxes by controlled dynamic chamber experiements
Thoene, B.; Rennenberg, H.; Weber, P.
Journal Article