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2015Practice-oriented optical thin film growth simulation via multiple scale approach
Turowski, M.; Jupé, M.; Melzig, T.; Moskovkin, P.; Daniel, A.; Pflug, A.; Lucas, S.; Ristau, D.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2011Plasma and optical thin film technologies
Stenzel, O.; Wilbrandt, S.; Kaiser, N.; Schmitz, C.; Turowski, M.; Ristau, D.; Awakowicz, P.; Brinkmann, R.P.; Musch, T.; Rolfes, I.; Steffen, H.; Foest, R.; Ohl, A.; Köhler, T.; Dolgonos, G.; Frauenheim, T.
Conference Paper
2002Mechanical stress and thermal-elastic properties of oxide coatings for use in the deep-ultraviolet spectral region
Thielsch, R.; Gatto, A.; Kaiser, N.
Journal Article
1999DUV light scattering and morphology of ion beam sputtered fluoride coatings
Quesnel, E.; Petit dit Dariel, A.; Duparre, A.; Ferre-Borrull, J.; Steinert, J.
Conference Paper
1999UV-optical and microstructural properties of MgF2-coatings deposited by IBS and PVD Processes
Ristau, D.; Arens, W.; Bosch, S.; Duparre, A.
Conference Paper
1991Raman depth profiling in situ sputtering.
Koidl, P.; Ramsteiner, M.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article