Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Are you sure? Prediction revision in automated decision-making
Burkart, Nadia; Robert, Sebastian; Huber, Marco
Journal Article
2021Evaluation of Interpretable Association Rule Mining Methods on Time-Series in the Maritime Domain
Veerappa, Manjunatha; Anneken, Mathias; Burkart, Nadia
Conference Paper
2021Supported Decision-Making by Explainable Predictions of Ship Trajectories
Burkart, Nadia; Huber, Marco; Anneken, Mathias
Conference Paper
2020Explain it to me - facing remote sensing challenges in the bio- and geosciences with explainable machine learning
Roscher, R.; Bohn, B.; Duarte, M.F.; Garcke, J.
Conference Paper
2020What identifies a whale by its fluke? On the benefit of interpretable machine learning for whale identification
Kierdorf, J.; Garcke, J.; Behley, J.; Cheeseman, T.; Roscher, R.
Conference Paper
2019A Study on Trust in Black Box Models and Post-hoc Explanations
El Bekri, Nadia; Kling, J.; Huber, M.
Conference Paper