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2021Experimental and Numerical Investigations into Magnetic Pulse Welding of Aluminum Alloy 6016 to Hardened Steel 22MnB5
Drehmann, Rico; Scheffler, Christian; Winter, Sven; Psyk, Verena; Kräusel, Verena; Lampke, Thomas
Journal Article
1996The substrate-process interface in thin barrier film coating
Bichler, C.; Bischoff, M.; Langowski, H.-C.; Moosheimer, U.
Conference Paper
1991Interface characterization by C-V- measurements of three-terminal MOSOS capacitors
Abel, H.B.; Badenes, G.
Conference Paper
1991Investigation of the adhesion mechanism of NiCr layers on Al2O3 and AlN substrates
Feil, M.; Mader, W.
Conference Paper