Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2000Fully integrated 94-GHz subharmonic injection-locked PLL circuit
Kudszus, S.; Neumann, M.; Berceli, T.; Haydl, W.
Journal Article
1999W-Band HEMT-oscillator with stabilization by phase controlled subharmonic injection locking
Kudszus, S.; Haydl, W.H.; Neumann, M.; Hülsmann, A.
Conference Paper
1985Coherent optical fiber transmission using injection locked lasers
Braun, R.-P.; Strebel, B.
Conference Paper
1985Experimental study of stability properties of injection-locked InGaAsP/InP laser diodes
Grosskopf, G.; Kuller, L.
Journal Article
1984Experiments on modulation properties and optical feedback characteristics of laser diodes stabilized by an external cavity or injection locking
Elze, G.; Grosskopf, G.; Kuller, L.; Wenke, G.
Journal Article