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2019Although there is no physical short-term scarcity of phosphorus, its resource efficiency should be improved
Scholz, Roland W.; Wellmer, Friedrich-Wilhelm
Journal Article
2018The Chinese copper cycle: Tracing copper through the economy with dynamic substance flow and input-output analysis
Soulier, Marcel; Pfaff, Matthias; Goldmann, Daniel; Walz, Rainer; Geng, Yong; Zhang, Ling; Tercero Espinoza, Luis A.
Journal Article
2016Analysis of the European Crude Tall Oil industry - environmental impact, socio-economic value & downstream potential
Rajendran, Venkat Krishnan; Breitkreuz, Klaas; Kraft, Axel; Maga, Daniel; Font‐Brucart, Mercè
2008Environmental informatics and industrial ecology - scientific profiles of two emerging fields striving for sustainability
Isenmann, R.
Conference Paper