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2019Eimeria tenella oocysts attenuated by low energy electron irradiation (LEEI) induce protection against challenge infection in chickens
Thabet, Ahmed; Schmäschke, Ronald; Fertey, Jasmin; Bangoura, Berit; Schönfelder, Jessy; Lendner, Matthias; Ulbert, Sebastian; Daugschies, Arwid
Journal Article
2016Closure of incisions in cataract surgery in-vivo using a temperature controlled laser soldering system based on a 1.9µm semiconductor laser
Gabay, I.; Basov, S.; Varssano, D.; Barequet, I.; Rosner, M.; Rattunde, M.; Wagner, J.; Platkov, M.; Harlev, M.; Rossmann, U.; Katzir, A.
Conference Paper
2009Impact of magnetic labeling on human and mouse stem cells and their long-term magnetic resonance tracking in a rat model of parkinson disease
Stroh, A.; Boltze, J.; Sieland, K.; Hild, K.; Gutzeit, C.; Jung, T.; Kressel, J.; Hau, S.; Reich, D.; Grune, T.; Zimmer, C.
Journal Article
1986Persistence of man-made mineral fibres -MMMF- and asbestos in rat lungs
Koenig, H.; Kloeppel, H.; Bellmann, B.; Muhle, H.; Pott, F.
Conference Paper