Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Kinematic analysis and process stability of ultrasonic-assisted drilling
Georgi, Oliver; Rüger, Carlo; Rentzsch, Hendrik; Putz, Matthias
Journal Article
2021Ultrasonic assistance to reduce and monitor tool wear in deep drilling
Georgi, Oliver; Rüger, Carlo; Rentzsch, Hendrik; Putz, Matthias; Dix, Martin
Conference Paper
2020Concept for Soft Sensor Structure for Turning Processes of AISI4140
Böttger, David; Stampfer, Benedict; Gauder, Daniel; Straß, Benjamin; Häfner, Benjamin; Lanza, Gisela; Schulze, Volker; Wolter, Bernd
Journal Article
2016Process monitoring of abrasive waterjet formation
Putz, Matthias; Dittrich, Markus; Dix, Martin
Journal Article
2015Zero defect manufacturing: Detection of cracks and thinning of material during deep drawing processes
Zoesch, Antje; Wiener, Thomas; Kuhl, Michael
Journal Article
2007Improvement of micro-cutting accuracy by in-process application of 3D-sensors
Schubert, A.; Eckert, U.; Schulz, B.
Conference Paper