Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Eimeria tenella oocysts attenuated by low energy electron irradiation (LEEI) induce protection against challenge infection in chickens
Thabet, Ahmed; Schmäschke, Ronald; Fertey, Jasmin; Bangoura, Berit; Schönfelder, Jessy; Lendner, Matthias; Ulbert, Sebastian; Daugschies, Arwid
Journal Article
2019Hot Topic: A Human In Vitro Model for Epidermal Burn Wounds
Schneider, Verena; Bernardelli de Mattos, Yves; Funk, Martin; Groeber-Becker, Florian Kai
2018Air-liquid interface in vitro models for respiratory toxicology research: Consensus workshop and recommendations
Lacroix, Ghislaine; Koch, Wolfgang; Ritter, Detlef; Gutleb, Arno C.; Larsen, Søren Thor; Loret, Thomas; Zanetti, Filippo; Constant, Samuel; Chortarea, Savvina; Rothen-Rutishauser, Barbara M.; Hiemstra, Pieter S.; Frejafon, Emeric; Hubert, Philippe; Gribaldo, Laura; Kearns, Peter; Aublant, Jean-Marc; Diabaté, Silvia; Weiss, Carsten; Groot, Antoinette de; Kooter, Ingeborg
Journal Article
2018Core-shell nanoparticles and their use for in vitro and in vivo diagnostics
Dembski, Sofia; Schneider, Christine; Christ, Bastian; Retter, Marion
Book Article
2018Development and evaluation of an in vitro test system for toxicity screening of aerosols released from consumer products and first application to aerosols from a hair straightening process
Ritter, Detlef; Bitsch, Annette; Elend, Manfred; Schuchardt, Sven; Hansen, Tanja; Brodbeck, Carsten; Knebel, Jan; Fuchs, Anne; Gronewold, Claas; Fautz, Rolf
Journal Article
2018Replacing the Draize eye test: Impedance spectroscopy as a 3R method to discriminate between all GHS categories for eye irritation
Lotz, Christian; Kiesewetter, L.; Schmid, Freia F.; Hansmann, Jan; Walles, Heike; Groeber-Becker, Florian Kai
Journal Article
2018A standardized method based on pigmented epidermal models evaluates sensitivity against UV-irradiation
Schmid, Freia F.; Groeber-Becker, Florian; Schwab, Stefanie; Thude, Sibylle; Goebeler, Matthias; Walles, Heike; Hansmann, Jan
Journal Article
2017In vitro chemotaxis and tissue remodeling assays quantitatively characterize foreign body reaction
Jannasch, Maren; Weigel, Tobias; Engelhardt, Lisa; Wiezoreck, Judith; Gaetzner, Sabine; Walles, Heike; Schmitz, Tobias; Hansmann, Jan
Journal Article
2016Assessment of in vitro COPD models for tobacco regulatory science: Workshop proceedings, conclusions and paths forward for in vitro model use
Behrsing, H.; Raabe, H.; Manuppello, J.; Bombick, B.; Curren, R.; Sullivan, K.; Sethi, S.; Phipps, R.; Tesfaigzi, Y.; Yan, S.; D'Ruiz, C.; Tarran, R.; Constant, S.; Phillips, G.; Gaca, M.; Hayden, P.; Cao, X.; Mathis, C.; Hoeng, J.; Braun, A.; Hill, E.
Journal Article
2016Hepatocytes as in vitro test system to investigate metabolite patterns of pesticides in farmed rainbow trout and common carp: Comparison between in vivo and in vitro and across species
Bischof, Ina; Köster, Jessica; Segner, Helmut; Schlechtriem, Christian
Journal Article
2015The ChemScreen project to design a pragmatic alternative approach to predict reproductive toxicity of chemicals
Burg, Bart van der; Bay Wedebye, Eva; Dietrich, Daniel R.; Jaworska, Joanna; Mangelsdorf, Inge; Paune, Eduard; Schwarz, Michael; Piersma, Aldert H.
Journal Article
2014Etablierung eines Modellsystems mit Aerosolen zur Charakterisierung von Expositionssystemen für die Untersuchung inhalierbarer Substanzen in vitro
Arndt, Hendrik
: Walker, Gottfried (Erstprüfer); Knebel, Jan W. (Zweitprüfer)
Bachelor Thesis
2013The OSIRIS weight of evidence approach: ITS mutagenicity and ITS carcinogenicity
Buist, Harrie; Aldenberg, Tom; Batke, Monika; Escher, Sylvia; Klein, Entink R.; Kühne, Ralph; Marquart, Hans; Pauné, Eduard; Rorije, Emiel; Schüürmann, Gerrit; Kroese, Dinant
Journal Article
2012In vitro study revealed different size behavior of different nanoparticles
Schaudien, D.; Knebel, J.; Creutzenberg, O.
Journal Article
2012Tissue Engineering: Menschliche Gewebe aus dem Labor
Schanz, J.; Walles, H.; Walles, T.
Journal Article
2011Artificial small diameter blood vessels based on new biofunctionalized 3D-printable polymers
Novosel, Esther; Klechowitz, Nadine; Meyer, Wolfdietrich; Schuh, Christian; Borchers, Kirsten; Wegener, Michael; Krüger, Hartmut; Walles, Heike; Hirth, Thomas; Tovar, Günter; Kluger, Petra
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2011PCLS: From learning about 'in vivo' to reduction and replacement
Sewald, Katherina; Braun, Armin
Book Article
2011Respiratory sensitization: Advances in assessing the risk of respiratory inflammation and irritation
Vandebriel, Rob; Cransveld, Conchita Callant; Crommelin, Daan; Diamant, Zuzana; Glazenburg, Berend; Joos, Guy; Kuper, Frieke; Natsch, Andreas; Nijkamp, Frans; Noteborn, Hub; Pieters, Raymond; Roberts, David; Roggen, Erwin; Rorije, Emiel; Seed, Martin; Sewald, Katharina; Heuvel, Rosette van den; Engelen, Jacqueline van; Verstraelen, Sandra; Loveren, Henk van
Journal Article
2009Evaluation of health risks of nanoparticles - a contribution to a sustainable development of nanotechnology
Potthoff, A.; Meißner, T.; Richter, V.; Busch, W.; Kühnel, D.; Bastian, S.; Iwe, M.; Springer, A.
Conference Paper
2009Genotoxicity testing in vitro - development of a higher throughput analysis method based on the comet assay
Ritter, D.; Knebel, J.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2006Expression of a cyclin E1 isoform in mice is correlated with the quiescent cell cycle status of hepatocytes in vivo
Zschemisch, N.H.; Liedtke, C.; Dierssen, U.; Nevzorova, Y.A.; Wustefeld, T.; Borlak, J.; Manns, M.P.; Trautwein, C.
Journal Article
2006Lung fibroblasts from patients with emphysema show markers of senescence in vitro
Müller, K.C.; Welker, L.; Paasch, K.; Feindt, B.; Erpenbeck, V.J.; Hohlfeld, J.M.; Krug, N.; Nakashima, M.; Branscheid, D.; Magnussen, H.; Jörres, R.A.; Holz, O.
Journal Article
2005The use of in vitro systems for evaluating immunotoxicity
Gennari, A.; Ban, M.; Braun, A.; Casati, S.; Corsini, E.; Dastych, J.; Descotes, J.; Hartung, T.; Hooghe-Peters, R.; House, R.; Pallardy, M.; Pieters, R.; Reid, L.; Tryphonas, H.; Tschirhart, E.; Tuschl, H.; Vandebriel, R.; Gribaldo, L.
Journal Article
2004Methodological approaches to test complex mixtures in vitro
Aufderheide, M.
Conference Paper
2002A method for the in vitro exposure of human cells to environmental and complex gaseous mixtures
Aufderheide, M.; Knebel, J.W.; Ritter, D.
Journal Article
2001Development and validation of a semiautomatic system for generation and deposition of sprays on isolated cells of the respiratory tract
Knebel, J.W.; Ritter, D.; Hoffmann, K.; Lödding, H.; Windt, H.; Koch, W.; Aufderheide, M.
Journal Article
2001In vitro efficacy of chemotherapeutics as determined by 50 % inhibitory concentrations in cell cultures of mammary gland tumors obtained from dogs
Simon, D.; Knebel, J.W.; Baumgärtner, W.; Aufderheide, M.; Meyer-Lindenberg, A.; Nolte, I.
Journal Article
2001In vitro exposure of isolated cells to native gaseous compounds - development and validation of an optimized system for human lung cells
Ritter, D.; Knebel, J.W.; Aufderheide, M.
Journal Article
2001A method for in vitro analysis of the biological activity of complex mixtures such as sidestream cigarette smoke
Aufderheide, M.; Ritter, D.; Knebel, J.W.; Scherer, G.
Journal Article
2000Cytochrome P450 enzyme activity and protein expression in primary porcine enterocyte and hepatocyte cultures
Hansen, T.; Borlak, J.; Bader, A.
Journal Article
2000Entwicklung eines Systems zur Untersuchung der biologischen Aktivität atmospherischer Gase in vitro
Ritter, D.
: Alves, J. (Prüfer); Aufderheide, M. (Prüfer)
1999Dreidimensionales Hautequivalent als Testsystem (AST 2000)
Merkle, M.-L.; Kandsberger, M.; Noll, M.; Matthes, T.; Fuchs, H.; Graeve, T.
Journal Article
1998Abschlußbericht zur Studie "Persistenzuntersuchungen von Mineralfasern in vivo und in vitro und Entwicklung von Beurteilungskriterien für die Biobeständigkeit"
Muhle, H.; Sebastian, K.; Bellmann, B.; Böhm, T.
Book Article
1998Micronucleus induction in V79 cells after direct exposure to whole cigarette smoke
Massey, E.; Aufderheide, M.; Koch, W.; Lodding, H.; Pohlmann, G.; Windt, H.; Jarck, P.; Knebel, J.W.
Journal Article
1998Non-animal tests for evaluating the toxicity of solid xenobiotics
Fubini, B.; Aust, A.E.; Muhle, H.
Conference Paper
1998Prüfung von Umweltchemikalien in In vitro-Tests zur Erfassung "nichtgenotoxischer" Kanzerogene und Tumor-Promotoren
Fahrig, R.
1997Persistenzuntersuchungen von Mineralfasern in vivo und in vitro und Entwicklung von Beurteilungskriterien für die Biobeständigkeit
Bellmann, B.; Böhm, T.; Muhle, H.; Sebastian, K.
1997Results of in vivo and in vitro experiments with oximes as antidotes against sarin and soman poisoning
Fliedner, A.; Wenzel, A.; Wasmus, G.; Greve, J.; Oldiges, H.
Book Article
1997Testbattery for assessment of aquatic toxicity
Wenzel, A.; Nendza, M.; Hartmann, P.; Kanne, R.
Journal Article
1996Development of an in vitro human nasal epithelial (HNE) cell model
Schmidt, D.; Hübsch, U.; Wurzer, H.; Heppt, W.; Aufderheide, M.
Journal Article
1996Prüfung exemplarisch ausgewählter Altstoffe auf eine cytogenetische Wirkung in vitro
May, C.
1996Requirement of monooxygenase induction in cultured lung epithelial cells for metabolism of PAH
Jacob, J.; Emura, M.; Grimmer, G.; Knebel, J.W.; Raab, G.; Mohr, U.
Journal Article
1994Comparison of biological effects of different polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in lung cells of hamster and rat in vitro
Knebel, J.W.; Aufderheide, M.; Emura, M.
Journal Article
1994Method for the description of differences in the filamentous structure of the cyctoskeleton in cultured cells
Kohler, M.; Aufderheide, M.; Ramm, D.
Journal Article
1993Development of short-term mutagenicity test systems in vitro - metabolic activation of indirectly acting mutagens by three immortal rat hepatocyte lines
Kulka, U.; Paul, D.; Bauchinger, M.
Journal Article
1993Measurement of the permeation of textile auxiliaries through the skin
Wasmus, G.; Wodtke, G.
Book Article
1976Protective activity of pyridinium salts against soman poisoning in vivo and in vitro
Schoene, K.; Steinhanses, J.; Oldiges, H.
Journal Article