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2021Boride-Carbon hybrid technology for ultra-wear and corrosive conditions
Baule, Nina; Kim, Young S.; Zeuner, André Till; Haubold, Lars; Kühne, Robert; Eryilmaz, Osman; Erdemir, Ali; Hu, Zhong; Zimmermann, Martina; Schülke, Thomas; Fan, Qi-Hua
Journal Article
2008European pre-crash system project signposts the future of side impact protection
Melz, T.; Zimmermann, E.; Willersinn, D.
Journal Article
2002Stiffness, energy, absorption, fatigue of high-strength steel structures in relation to applied joining and forming technologies and mechanical properties
Jones, T.; Ruikfrok, R.; Rupp, A.; Schneider, F.; Rizzo, L.
1998Shock Wave Phenomena in Concrete - Impact Tests and Mesomechanical Simulations
Thoma, K.; Riedel, W.; Nahme, H.; Lexow, B.; Straßburger, E.; Senf, H.
Conference Paper
1994Application of Micromechanical Models to the Analysis of Ductile Fracture under Dynamic Loading
Sun, D.-Z.; Hönig, A.; Böhme, W.; Schmitt, W.
Conference Paper
1993Correlation between material properties and damage tolerance behaviour of composite structures
Gerharz, J.J.; Schöpfel, A.; Cvitkovich, M.; Huth, H.; Lang, R.W.
Conference Paper
1990Phase transition of HMX and their significance for the sensitivity of explosives.
Eisenreich, N.; Engel, W.; Herrmann, M.
Conference Paper