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2015Change detection on UGV patrols with respect to a reference tour using VIS imagery
Müller, Thomas
Conference Paper
2014Hierarchical image representation using 3D camera geometry for content-based image retrieval
Yoon, Sang Min; Graf, Holger; Kuijper, Arjan
Journal Article
2014Performance evaluation of image-based location recognition approaches based on large-scale UAV imagery
Hesse, Nikolas; Bodensteiner, Christoph; Arens, Michael
Conference Paper
2010Object retrieval based on user-drawn sketches
Yoon, Sang Min; Kuijper, Arjan
Conference Paper
2009Scene classication using a hybrid generative/discriminative approach
Cogollos van der Linden, Jacobo Josep
: Jung, Christoph (Betreuer)
2009Using one-class SVM outliers detection for verification of collaboratively tagged image training sets
Lukashevich, H.; Nowak, S.; Dunker, P.
Conference Paper
2008A generic Framework for the Evaluation of content-based Image and Video Analysis Tasks in the Core Technology Cluster of THESEUS
Nowak, Stefanie; Dunker, Peter; Paduschek, R.
Conference Paper
2008Standardized multimedia retrieval based on Web service technologies and the MPEG query format
Döller, M.; Bauer, K.; Kosch, H.; Gruhne, M.
Journal Article
2006GeoShot - Mobiles Fotoaufnahmesystem unter Einbeziehung geografischer Informationen
Felke, M.
: Bieber, G. (Prüfer)
Term paper
2005Cumulant-based image fingerprints
Yu, L.; Schmucker, M.; Busch, C.; Sun, S.
Conference Paper
20013D browsing environment for MPEG-7 image databases
Meiers, T.; Sikora, T.; Keller, I.
Conference Paper
2001Image browsing with PCA-assisted user-interaction
Keller, I.; Meiers, T.; Ellerbrock, T.; Sikora, T.
Conference Paper
2001Visualization and navigation in image database applications based on MPEG-7 descriptors
Sikora, T.
Conference Paper
1992Object-oriented image database for an open imaging environment
Neumann, L.; Strack, R.
Conference Paper