Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019An Adaptive Two-scale Image Fusion of Visible and Infrared Images
Han, Xiyu; Lv, Tao; Song, Xiangyu; Nie, Ting; Liang, Huaidan; He, Bin; Kuijper, Arjan
Journal Article
2018Real-time fusion of visible and thermal infrared images in surveillance applications on SoC hardware
Moren, Konrad; Perschke, Thomas
Conference Paper
2018SNR-optimized image fusion for transparent object inspection
Meyer, J.; Melchert, Wolfgang; Hartrumpf, Matthias; Längle, Thomas; Beyerer, Jürgen
Conference Paper
2017Designing observer trials for image fusion experiments with Latin Squares
Michaelsen, Eckart; Schwan, Gabriele; Scherer-Negenborn, Norbert
Conference Paper
2016The effects of camera jitter for background subtraction algorithms on fused infrared-visible video streams
Becker, Stefan; Scherer-Negenborn, Norbert; Thakkar, Pooja; Hübner, Wolfgang; Arens, Michael
Conference Paper
2015An approach to select the appropriate image fusion algorithm for night vision systems
Schwan, Gabriele; Scherer-Negenborn, Norbert
Conference Paper
2015Biomarkers in NeoMark European project for oral cancers
Poli, Tito; Copelli, Chiara; Lanfranco, Davide; Salvi, Dario; Exarchos, Konstantinos; Picone, Marco; Ardigo, Diego; Steger, Sebastian; Fonseca, Manuel José Rolo da; Fazio, Marco de; Martinelli, Elena; Sesenna, Enrico
Book Article
2015Evaluation of fusion methods for gamma-divergence-based neural network ensembles
Knauer, U.; Backhaus, A.; Seiffert, U.
Conference Paper
2014Multilevel and multiscale modeling approach for VPH-based prediction of oral cancer reoccurrences. Results of the FP7 NeoMark project
Martinelli, Elena; Poli, Tito; Exarchos, Konstantinos; Steger, Sebastian
Conference Paper
2013Farbkorrektur-Algorithmen für die Unterwasserphotographie und Marktanalyse für eine Kameraerweiterung
Henke, Birgit
: Zhou, Zhiliang (Betreuer)
Bachelor Thesis
2011Flächenbasierte Registrierung kombinierter Stereo- und Spektralserien
Gheta, I.; Höfer, S.; Heizmann, M.; Beyerer, J.
Journal Article
2011Local rigid registration for multimodal texture feature extraction from medical images
Steger, Sebastian
Conference Paper
2009Closed loop: A classification framework for interventional procedures
Sakas, Georgios; Grimm, Marcus; Beni, Stefano de; Solbiati, Luigi
Conference Paper
2009Real-time Stereo-Image Stitching Using GPU-based Belief Propagation
Adam, Michael; Jung, Christoph; Roth, Stefan; Brunnett, Guido
Conference Paper
2008Bayesian fusion of multivariate image series to obtain depth information
Gheta, I.; Heizmann, M.; Beyerer, J.
Conference Paper
20072D-3D and 3D-3D fusion imaging (US & CT/MR): Interventional US applied to prostate brachytherapy
Baltas, Dimos; Sakas, Georgios; Steckenreiter, O.; Karabis, A.; Giannouli, S.; Sauvonet, B.; Zamboglou, N.
Conference Paper
20072D-3D fusion imaging (US & CT/MR): Interventional US applied to liver RF ablation
Beni, S. de; Grimm, Marcus; Maccio, M.; Sakas, Georgios; Solbiati, L.
Conference Paper