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2008The impact of indoor climate on the hygrothermal behaviour and the durability of external components - standard boundary conditions vs. hygrothermal indoor climate simulation
Holm, A.; Künzel, H.M.; Sedlbauer, K.
Conference Paper
2008Simulation water leaks in external walls to check the moisture tolerance of building assemblies in different climates
Künzel, H.M.; Zirkelbach, D.; Karagiozis, A.; Holm, A.; Sedlbauer, K.
Conference Paper
2005Hygrothermal performance of a whole building
Holm, A.; Sedlbauer, K.
Conference Paper
2005Simulation of indoor temperature and humidity conditions including hygrothermal interactions with the building envelope
Künzel, H.M.; Holm, A.; Zirkelbach, D.; Karagiozis, A.N.
Journal Article, Conference Paper