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2017EGF and hydrocortisone as critical factors for the co-culture of adipogenic differentiated ASCs and endothelial cells
Volz, Ann-Cathrin; Huber, Birgit; Schwandt, Alina Maria; Kluger, Petra
Journal Article
2016Influence of epidermal growth factor (EGF) and hydrocortisone on the co-culture of mature adipocytes and endothelial cells for vascularized adipose tissue engineering
Huber, Birgit; Czaja, Alina Maria; Kluger, Petra J.
Journal Article
1990Precocious induction of tyrosine aminotransferase mRNA by hydrocortisone in cultured fetal rat hepatocytes at different developmental stages
Hoffmann, B.; Paul, D.
Journal Article
1988Hydrocortisone-induced accumulation of fibronectin mRNA and cell surface-associated fibronectin
Begemann, M.; Paul, D.; Voss, B.
Journal Article