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2021Hybrid manufacturing of sheet metals and functionalizing for joining applications via hole flanging
Bambach, Markus; Ünsal, Ismail; Sviridov, Alexander; Hama-Saleh, Rebar; Weisheit, Andreas
Journal Article
2021Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Hybrid, Additively Manufactured Ti6Al4V after Thermomechanical Processing
Hemes, Susanne; Meiners, Frank; Sizova, Irina; Hama-Saleh Abdullah, Rebar; Röhrens, Daniel; Weisheit, Andreas; Haefner, Constantin Leon; Bambach, Markus
Journal Article
2020Formability analysis of micro-alloyed sheet metals reinforced by additive manufacturing
Hama-Saleh Abdullah, Rebar; Weisheit, Andreas; Schleifenbaum, Johannes Henrich; Ünsal, Ismail; Sviridov, Alexander; Bambach, Markus
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2020New hybrid manufacturing routes combining forging and additive manufacturing to efficiently produce high performance components from Ti-6Al-4V
Meiners, Frank; Ihne, Jörg; Jürgens, Pascal; Hemes, Susanne; Mathes, Michael; Sizova, Irina; Bambach, Markus; Hama-Saleh, Rebar; Weisheit, Andreas
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2020Novel approach for suppressing of hot cracking via magneto-fluid dynamic modification of the laser-induced marangoni convection
Seidel, André; Degener, Luise; Schneider, Jakob; Brückner, Frank; Beyer, Eckhard; Leyens, Christoph
Conference Paper
2020Technological breakthrough for a new generation of implants
Palmer, Vera
Electronic Publication
2018Additive manufacturing markets - tooling, automotive & medical
Müller, Bernhard