Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Demand-driven implementation of Human-Robot-Interaction in manufacturing with service modelling
Delang, Kathleen; Todtermuschke, Marcel; Bdiwi, Mohamad; Putz, Matthias
Conference Paper
2018Identification of Human Dynamics in User-Led Physical Human Robot Environment Interaction
Haninger, Kevin; Surdilovic, Dragoljub
Conference Paper
2017Fusion of camera and inertial motion capturing unit for entire human-robot-interaction
Poshtiri, Azam Haghighi; Bdiwi, Mohamad
Master Thesis
2017Messtechnische Evaluierung biomechanischer Potentiale bei Kooperation von Mensch und Roboter
Eichler, Paul
: Breitfeld, Marco
Master Thesis
2014Integrated sensors system for human safety during cooperating with industrial robots for handing-over and assembling tasks
Bdiwi, Mohamad
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2014Integration of vision/force robot control using automatic decision system intended for performing different successive tasks
Bdiwi, Mohamad; Suchy, Jozef
Conference Paper
2012Rescue robots at earthquake-hit Mirandola, Italy: A field report
Kruijff, Geert-Jan; Tretyakov, Viatcheslav; Linder, Thorsten; Pirri, Fiora; Gianni, Mario; Papadakis, Panagiotis; Pizzoli, Matia; Sinha, Arnab; Pianese, Emanuelle; Corrao, Salvatore; Priori, Fabrizio; Febrini, Sergio; Angeletti, Sandro
Conference Paper
2009Modular hybrid robots for safe human-robot interaction
Radojicic, J.; Surdilovic, D.; Schreck, G.
Journal Article, Conference Paper