Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Thermo-mechanical interactions in hot stamping
Penter, Lars; Pierschel, Norbert
Conference Paper
2017Process simulation and experimental validation of Hot Metall Gas Forming with new press hardening steels
Paul, Alexander; Reuther, Franz; Neumann, Stanley; Albert, André; Landgrebe, Dirk
Conference Paper
2016The influence of process variables on the gas forming and press hardening of steel tubes
Paul, Alexander; Strano, Matteo
Journal Article
2016Metastable material conditions for forming of sheet metal parts combined with thermomechanical treatment
Kräusel, Verena; Birnbaum, Peter; Kunke, Andreas; Wertheim, Rafael
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2016Thermomechanical characterization of 22MnB5 steels with special emphasis on stress relaxation and creep behavior
Uppaluri, R.; Helm, D.
Journal Article
2015Combination of international high pressure forming and Q-P process for production of hollow products from Ahs steel
Masek, Bohuslav; Vorel, Ivan; Jirkova, Hana; Kurka, Petr
Conference Paper
2015Energy- and resource-efficient process routes in hot sheet metal forming
Landgrebe, Dirk; Müller, Roland; Schieck, Frank
Conference Paper
2015Intelligent process control for press hardening
Landgrebe, Dirk; Pierschel, Norbert; Alsmann, Michael; Schönherr, Julia; Polster, Stefan; Priber, Ulrich; Schieck, Frank; Berndt, Sebastian
Conference Paper
2015Production of high strength hollow shafts using hardening and Q-P process
Masek, Bohuslav; Vorel, Ivan; Opatová, Katerina; Kurka, Petr; Hahn, Frank; Mahn, Uwe
Conference Paper
2013Simulating an innovative austenitization process developed for hot stamping
Bester, Alwyn; Meinel, Stefan; Müller, Roland; Neugebauer, Reimund
Conference Paper
2011Hot sheet metal forming : The formulation of graded component characteristics based on strategic temperature management for tool-based and incremental forming operations
Neugebauer, Reimund; Schieck, Frank; Rautenstrauch, Anja; Bach, Mirko
Journal Article
2011Influence of the steel alloy composition on phase transitions and its applicability to hot forming process
Neugebauer, Reimund; Göschel, A.; Rautenstrauch, A.; Meza-Garcia, E.
Conference Paper