Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Monitoring the heat accumulation during fabrication of surface micro-patterns on metallic surfaces using direct laser interference patterning
Schröder, Nikolai; Vergara, Germán; Voisiat, Bogdan; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián
Journal Article
2020Numerically Assisted Design for Electromagnetically Driven Tools
Linnemann, Maik; Scheffler, Christian; Psyk, Verena
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2019Pulsed High Current Characterization of Highly Integrated Circuits and System
Weber, Johannes
: Maurer, Linus
2019Stress current slew rate sensitivity of an ultra-high-speed interface IC
Weber, Johannes; Fung, Rita; Wong, Richard; Wolf, Heinrich; Gieser, Horst; Maurer, Linus
Journal Article
2012Adaptive readout circuit for pinned and lateral drift-field photo diodes
Süss, Andreas; Hosticka, Bedrich J.; Vogt, Holger
Conference Paper
2012Impulse Forming Technologies - shaping, cutting and joining at high speed
Neugebauer, Reimund; Psyk, Verena; Scheffler, Christian
1998A multichip module integration technology for high-speed analog and digital applications
Töpper, M.; Mangold, T.; Wolf, J.; Reichl, H.; Russer, P.
Conference Paper
1993Alpha-factor improvements in high-speed p-doped In0.35Ga0.65As/GaAs MQW lasers.
Schönfelder, A.; Weisser, S.; Ralston, J.D.; Rosenzweig, J.
Journal Article
199216 GHz GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well laser with vertically compact waveguide structure.
Esquivias, I.; Weisser, S.; Tasker, P.J.; Larkins, E.C.; Fleissner, J.; As, D.J.; Gallagher, D.F.G.; Ralston, J.D.; Rosenzweig, J.; Zappe, H.P.
Conference Paper
1992Coherent receiver front-end module including a polarization diversity waveguide OIC and a high-speed InGaAs twin-dual p-i-n photodiode OEIC both based on InP
Hamacher, M.; Heidrich, H.; Kruger, U.; Stenzel, R.; Bauer, J.G.; Albrecht, H.
Journal Article
1992The EMI ruby laser stroboscope and its application in terminal ballistics
Kleinschnitger, K.; Hohler, V.; Stilp, A.J.
Conference Paper