Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017The CloudFlow infrastructure for multi-vendor engineering workflows: Concept and validation
Holm, Håvard Heitlo; Gezer, Volkan; Hermawati, Setia; Altenhofen, Christian; Hjelmervik, Jon M.
Journal Article
2017Discrete particle method for simulating hypervelocity impact phenomena
Watson, Erkai; Steinhauser, Martin O.
Journal Article
2016Optimizing molecular models through force-field parameterization via the efficient combination of modular program packages
Hülsmann, Marco; Kirschner, Karl N.; Krämer, Andreas; Heinrich, Doron D.; Krämer-Fuhrmann, Ottmar; Reith, Dirk
Conference Paper
Ruhlig, Klaus
Journal Article
2011An effective dynamic scheduling runtime and tuning system for heterogeneous multi and many-core desktop platforms
Binotto, Alecio; Pereira, Carlos Eduardo; Kuijper, Arjan; Stork, André; Fellner, Dieter W.
Conference Paper
2009License management in grid and high performance computing
Raekow, Y.; Simmendinger, C.; Krämer-Fuhrmann, O.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2009On the acceleration of CFD computations using a GPU approach
Daniel, Christian G.
: Binotto, Alecio (Betreuer)
Bachelor Thesis
2008Gaalop - High performance computing based on conformal geometric algebra
Hildenbrand, Dietmar; Koch, Andreas
Conference Paper
2008IANOS: An intelligent application oriented scheduling framework for an HPCN grid
Rasheed, H.; Gruber, R.; Keller, V.; Ziegler, W.; Wäldrich, O.; Kuonen, P.; Wieder, P.
Conference Paper
2006Bio-sequence database scanning on a GPU
Liu, W.G.; Schmidt, B.; Voss, G.; Schröder, A.; Müller-Wittig, W.K.
Conference Paper
2006Efficient optimization of lithographic process conditions using a distributed, combined global/local search approach
Fühner, T.; Popp, S.; Dürr, C.; Erdmann, A.
Conference Paper
2005Using graphics hardware to accelerate biological sequence database scanning
Voss, G.; Müller-Wittig, W.K.; Schmidt, B.; Schröder, A.
Conference Paper
2001HPC applications and their transfer into european industries
Springstubbe, S.
Conference Paper
1996Assisting the design and optimization of high quality parallel renderers
Lobo Netto, M.; Lange, B.; Hornung, C.
Conference Paper
1996Parallel rendering of 3D ultrasound of interactive rates
Walter, S.; Volmer, S.; Efraimidis, P.
Conference Paper
1996Real applications on the new parallel system NEC Cenju-3
Hempel, R.; Calkin, R.; Hess, R.; Joppich, W.; Oosterlee, C.W.; Ritzdorf, H.; Wypior, P.; Ziegler, W.; Koike, N.; Washio, T.; Keller, U.
Journal Article
1995Assisting the design and optimization of high quality parallel renderers
Hornung, C.; Lange, B.; Lobo Netto, M.
Conference Paper