Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Accelerators and Industry
Chimielewski, Andrzei; Chiari, Massimo; Rögner, Frank-Holm
Book Article
2017Describing HVAC controls in IFC - method and application
Benndorf, G.; Réhault, N.; Clairembault, M.; Rist, T.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Electrification of public bus transport under the usage of electricity generated by renewables
Dicke, Paul; Meyer, Benedikt; Pruckner, Marco
Conference Paper
2016A bottom-up estimation of heating and cooling demand in the European industry
Rehfeldt, Matthias; Rohde, Clemens; Fleiter, Tobias; Toro, Felipe; Reitze, Felix
Conference Paper
2016A stochastic bottom-up model for space heating and domestic hot water load profiles for German households
Fischer, D.; Wolf, T.; Scherer, J.; Wille-Haussmann, B.
Journal Article
2015Evaluation of various retrofitting concepts of building envelope for offices equipped with large radiant ceiling panels by dynamic simulations
Jordan, S.; Hafner, J.; Kuhn, T.E.; Legat, A.; Zbašnik-Senegačnik, M.
Journal Article
2014A comprehensive model for the German electricity and heat sector in a future energy system with a dominant contribution from renewable energy technologies. Pt.I: Methodology
Henning, H.-M.; Palzer, A.
Journal Article
2014A comprehensive model for the German electricity and heat sector in a future energy system with a dominant contribution from renewable energy technologies. Pt.II: Results
Palzer, A.; Henning, H.-M.
Journal Article
2014A future German energy systen with a dominating contribution from renewable energies: A holistic model based on hourly simulation
Palzer, A.; Henning, H.-M.
Journal Article
2014Plasmonic heating with near infrared resonance nanodot arrays for multiplexing optofluidic applications
Steinbrück, Andrea; Choi, J.W.; Fasold, Stefan; Menzel, Christoph; Sergeyev, Anton; Grange, Rachel
Journal Article
2013European Perspectives in Research and Developement on Solar Thermal Collectors and Systems
Stryi-Hipp, G.
Conference Paper
2013External superheating in biomass power plants with pebble bed regenerators
Daschner, R.; Jakuttis, M.; Binder, S.; Hornung, A.
2013Fuel staging in biomass heating systems - a primary measure to reduce NOX-emissions
Meiller, M.
2013Renewable heating: Perspectives and the impact of policy instruments
Kranzl, Lukas; Hummel, Marcus; Müller, Andreas; Steinbach, Jan
Journal Article
2007Integrating policies for renewables and energy efficiency: Comparing results from Germany, Luxembourg and Northern Ireland
Kranzl, Lukas; Brakhage, Anselm; Gürtler, Pedro; Pett, Jacky; Ragwitz, Mario; Stadler, Michael
Conference Paper
2002RoomComputer - a platform for integrated building services
Reinema, R.
Journal Article
2001Dynamische Simulation exothermer Reaktionen in Aktivkoksadsorbern
Wagner, C.
1998Fuzzy-basierte Raumklimaregelung als Komponente benutzungsfreundlicher integrierter Haussysteme (IHS)
Bernard, T.; Kuntze, H.-B.; Nirschl, G.
Book Article
1998Primary energy savings by district heating compared to local heating systems
Noeres, P.; Klose, P.; Hölder, D.; Althaus, W.
Book Article
1997Interdisziplinäre Analyse der Umsetzungschancen einer Energiespar- und Klimaschutzpolitik
Jochem, E.; Ostertag, K.; Gruber, E.; Prose, F.; Homburg, A.; Hübner, G.; Hennicke, P.; Schulz, S.
1991Long-term potentials of rational energy use - the unkown possibilities reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Jochem, E.
Journal Article
1990Infrared Fourier-spectrometer experiment from Venera-15
Schäfer, K.; Dubois, R.; Haus, R.; Dethloff, K.; Goering, H.; Oertel, D.; Becker-Ross, H.; Stadthaus, W.; Spankuch, D.; Moroz, V.I.; Zasova, L.V.; Matsygorin, I.A.
Conference Paper
1990Radiative energy balance of the Venus mesosphere
Haus, R.; Goering, H.
Journal Article